Product Design & Manufacturing Portfolio

Pivot International has designed and manufactured a diverse set of products across a broad range of industries. Our products can be found in the medical device, biometrics and security, consumer, fitness, industrial, and wireless industries. Pivot’s portfolio includes products we carried from concept to production as well as products we only manufacture. The products in our portfolio are only a sampling of our work intended to provide an example of our capabilities. Products designed and manufactured by Pivot can be found in every corner of the world. We take pride in the partnerships that we have established throughout our history. Let Pivot become your partner in success. Please contact us to learn more about our capabilities and how Pivot can assist you.

WiscMed Wispr Digital Otoscope - Pivot International
Personal Capnometer
Peek Retina Mobile Ophthalmoscope
Zibrio SmartScale - Pivot International
Prescription Adherence - Pivot International
Surgical Drill Driver - Pivot International
Endoscopic Camera - Pivot International
Power Supply Console - Pivot International
Surgical Warming Pad - Pivot International
Down Hole Monitoring Tool
Beverage Dispenser
Engine Management System
Indoor Sports Camera
Polaroid Impossible I-1 Instant Camera
Mamba Monster Brushless Sensored Motor
Contactless Game Controller
Talon 120 HV
Electric Fish Skinner
Fitness Monitor
BonzaPack Sports Combination Bag and Chair
Milk Tank Control System
Boom Sprayer Control Valves
Damage Defense Control Panel
Irrigation Systems
Equine Lameness Sensor
Equine Iris Recognition Scanner
Kawak 28VDC Brushless Motor
Police Body Camera
Smart Communication System
Hearing Impaired Smoke Detector
Ruggedized Battery Pack Board Assembly
Custom Control Panel
HVAC Sensor Control Network
High-Speed Doc Imaging
Power Module
Mamba Monster
Sidewinder 4 Motors
Fluid Monitoring System
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