About Pivot International

Pivot International

Local Roots. Global Reach.

We are headquartered in the Kansas City metropolitan area but operate globally with offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Our international presence allows us to generate product solutions for businesses all over the world while recruiting and retaining the world’s top talent. This will enable us to help your business develop and engineer a wide array of innovative products while extending you the cost savings that come with global tooling, procurement, and manufacturing.

Growing to meet your needs.

We are scaling rapidly to better serve our customers. In less than a decade, we’ve gone from 30 to over 900 employees, and since 2016 we’ve added nine companies to our international portfolio. Our UK offices support the European market in both business development and engineering. Our Taipei office supports business development in Asia as well as supply chain and quality operations worldwide. Our Manila locations manage manufacturing operations, which produce product development solutions for clients from all over the world.

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