Pivot International Engineering and Design Services

Pivot International Product Design, Development, and Manufacturing Services

Pivot International’s business model is designed to give you the option of providing a product design specification, or even just a product idea, and working with us to design and develop the finished product. Our experienced product design engineers and consultants are ready to enter the process at any point during the product development cycle.

Through Pivot’s work, we have been awarded a number of awards, including three European Product Design Awards, a German Design award, and named as an Honoree of the CES Innovation Award.

Electrical Engineering Services: Pivot International’s electrical engineers combines attention to detail, good design practices, and a rapid time to market in developing products that establish new benchmarks in the industry. Our team has experience with a wide array of technologies while remaining open to the latest electrical engineering service innovations. Our engineers design smart and reliable products that offer cutting-edge performance. Our designs meet FCC, CE, UL, and IEC requirements. Let a world-class electrical services company design your new product, enhance an existing product, or lend our expertise to your active development effort.

Mechanical Engineering Product Design Services: Pivot International’s mechanical engineering staff has design experience over a wide range of mechanical product design and development applications. Whether your product is used in the operating room, in the field, or in the home, our team has the expertise to engineer a product that meets all your needs. Every design is evaluated for manufacturability, durability, and reliability. We have designed products that meet MIL-STD, MIL-PRF, CE, UL, IEC, FDA, and TÜV requirements. Our team is ready to engineer your new product, evaluate your existing design, or update your legacy product.

Software Development Services: Pivot International’s software development services team specializes in finding software solutions to complex problems. Whether your business application requires a full-blown operating system or just enough software to run a simple microprocessor, we have the experience and expertise to deliver full custom software development projects. Our advanced development techniques, combined with our thorough test process, ensure a worry-free software deployment. Pivot software engineers have experience coding for standards such as ITA, IEC, IEEE, ISO, and others. Pivot software is deployed on devices around the world. Let us develop software that meets your product requirements.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM): Pivot’s DFM practices are integrated throughout all manufacturing processes. We offer IP67 approved devices, IPC certified design engineers and assembly technicians, full test and rework department, automatic optical inspection, full product traceability, and an integrated and secure Gated Design Process.

Project Management Services: Pivot International’s project management services are led by world-class managers who take ownership of your project from concept through production. They work closely with each client to ensure you are informed regarding every aspect of the project from start to finish. Our project managers have experience launching a diverse portfolio of award-winning products into the marketplace. They establish project goals and deliverables, determine process outputs, and set project constraints. The project management team develops a strategy that utilizes development resources quickly, efficiently, and within budget.

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