High-Speed Document Imaging and Processing

This device scans images on documents and processes those images into data that can be used to generate accurate reports for critical services. A paper document is inserted into the machine, where optical scanning and data processing are performed. The device has multiple layers of security that have gone through many levels of regulation testing. Data and scanning accuracy have been verified through millions of test cycles. The device has been certified by United States government agencies for both security and accuracy. After scanning, the documents are then forwarded by the device to a secure storage location.

Pivot has collaborated with the client for over 20 years to provide new designs and updates to existing designs on multiple generations of products. We provide complete mechanical, electrical, and software design support. We also provide the necessary tooling for parts and the finished manufacturing of the complete device. In many cases, the client receives a complete ‘Turnkey’ device from the design concept all the way through to the delivery of the device to the client’s dock.


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