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Critical Questions to Answer When Selecting a Domestic Manufacturing Partner

Posted: September 8, 2021 Selecting a manufacturing partner has become increasingly challenging in the wake of pandemic-driven economic and regulatory changes. While the choice to offshore manufacturing used to be all but a foregone conclusion, businesses are increasingly confronted with complex cost equations that call this choice into serious question. And for companies at the beginning of new product development, the choice can be even more complex.

Four Risk-Reducing Strategies To Advance Your New Product Development

Posted: September 1, 2021 Is your company trying to determine if the time is right to move forward with your new product development? If so, you're not alone. Preparing to launch a project is challenging under the best of circumstances, and the events of 2020 continue to complicate matters. Dramatic economic and social changes have impacted supply chain security, technological trends, consumer behavior, and have resulted in significant market volatility. Company leaders now clearly understand two things. First, they are facing a new era of risk. Second, they are facing a new era of opportunity. Between the need to play it safe and act boldly, many leaders can feel deadlocked between these opposing positions.

Four Questions Your Product Development Partner Should Answer

Posted: August 25, 2021 According to the father of modern project management, James P. Lewis, "Projects do not fail at the end; they fail at the beginning." Today, Lewis's words ring truer than ever, and if ever there was a type of project that illustrates his point, it's new product development. At Pivot International, we're a leading product design, development, and manufacturing firm that has helped hundreds of companies deliver successful innovations to market. With one-source expertise and nearly fifty years of experience, we've learned that the end success depends almost entirely on its beginning.

Take Your Product From Prototype to Production in Less Time With Less Expense

Posted: August 12, 2021 For complex products, there's simply no way around the iterative nature of the prototyping process. There is, however, a way to make an end-run around the excessive costs and extended time horizons that often accompany it. Achieving this requires high levels of integration. In other words, the prototyping process must not be mistaken as a job for which only the design team is primarily responsible. Instead, from the very beginning, prototyping must be approached and undertaken with the full participation, insight, and expertise of design, engineering, and manufacturing teams alike.

Three Funding Strategies For Capitalizing On Your New Product Development

Posted: August 5, 2021 At Pivot International, we're a one-source product design, development, and manufacturing firm that has seen clients deploy an array of successful strategies for successfully securing funding. With nearly a half-century of experience across fourteen industries, we’ve learned that our clients’ ability to raise capital often depends largely on knowing the funding strategies that are right for their needs. In this piece, we'll explore three funding strategies and which will give you the most bang for your buck as determined by whether you’re seeking to raise capital in five-, six-, or seven-figure ranges.