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Peak Performance Optimization and Peak Resource Utilization: How to Avoid Confusing the Two

Posted: December 1, 2021 Nearly everyone is familiar with the metaphor of “running on all cylinders,” understanding it to refer to the idea of peak performance optimization — something that all companies strive to attain. But when applied to new product development (NPD), this metaphor can be dangerously misleading. Why? Because running your NPD on all cylinders (aiming for peak resource utilization) can generate the opposite effect.  

Ten Questions for Assessing Your Product Requirements

Posted: November 24, 2021 Use case — the case made for how a user interacts with a product or system — is essential to the broader product development process. But the path to building a reliable use case depends on something more fundamental: establishing product requirements. In this piece, we’ll first explain why it makes sense to look at product requirements separately from the use case. Then, we’ll provide a brief overview of the two types of product requirements. Lastly, we’ll provide ten questions to help you assess your product requirements.

Supply Chain Crisis Threatening Your NPD? There May Be a Way Forward

Posted: November 17, 2021 At Pivot International, well before the current crisis began taking shape, we developed a reputation as a leading global new product development (NPD) partner with disruption-defying capabilities. Since the pandemic's peak, our reputation has only grown, and today, we continue to provide strategies that help buffer our partners from impact. In the shorter term, if a way forward is to be found, it will likely lie in domestic sourcing and engineering workarounds. In this piece, we'll explore both strategies to help you determine if they may benefit your business.

Rebuilding US Supply Chain: Shorter-Term Tactics and Longer-Term Strategies

Posted: November 3, 2021 Contrary to popular belief, the current supply chain crisis has not been caused by the global pandemic. As early as April 2020, Nassim Taleb — widely regarded as the world's preeminent risk analyst — argued correctly that the coming crisis would not be a pandemic-driven black swan event but rather an entirely predictable case of the proverbial chickens coming home to roost. (Chickens representing 30 years of unchecked globalism.) Nassim’s predictive power is based on insights drawn from the sciences of complexity — sciences that have long understood that complex systems such as the global supply chain are inherently fragile. The non-linearity of such systems means there is no single cause of, nor cure for, the current crisis, lying as it does at the heart of US supply chain models and infrastructure. This means that without a systemic focus on rebuilding these models and infrastructure, solutions will be short-lived and unsustainable.

Wi-Fi 6: New Market Opportunities for Cross-Industry Applications

Posted: October 27, 2021 Wi-Fi 6 is receiving more and more press, and for good reason. Wi-Fi 6 is the future of wireless and IoT, and companies should be paying attention. According to market intelligence and advisory firm Mordor Intelligence, the global IoT market will reach USD 1,386.06 billion by 2026, up from USD 761.4 billion in 2020. As innovations relying on Wi-Fi and IoT technologies continue to increase and dominate the market, Wi-Fi 6 is unlocking new possibilities for product development.