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Getting People Safely Back to Work: Solutions for the New Normal

Savvy businesses regard their human capital as their most valuable asset, and getting their people safely back to work is currently an overriding concern for companies across every industry. Adapting to the new normal to reliably protect employees poses a host of challenges, but solutions exist for making a successful transition.

Pivot International Acquires Solar Pool Technologies

Pivot continues to expand its consumer-products portfolio and enhance its consumer-market position with the acquisition of Phoenix Arizona-based Solar Pool Technologies, a leader in solar-powered robotic swimming pool skimmers.

Blockchain and Supply Chain: A Winning Combination

In today’s rapidly changing world and global economy, blockchain and supply chain are a winning combination that delivers businesses significantly increased transparency, security, cost-savings, and agility. In discussing the benefits of blockchain, it should be understood that this term has become a popular shorthand for a specific kind of distributed ledger (DL) designed to track and document transactions or digital interactions. In other words, all blockchains are DLs, but not all DLs are blockchains.

A Five-Fold Approach for Helping Product Developers and Manufacturers Innovate Forward

As the manufacturing sector continues to be hard hit with the impacts of COVID-19, companies are increasingly seeking partners with robust supply chain solutions and proven experience for navigating disruption, increasing resilience, and preparing for a new future. We have the experience and resources to close your inventory gaps and meet your immediate products needs, and while helping you identify opportunities for innovation that will fortify your business for the future.

Leading at the Cusp of a Post-COVID World: Three Core Competencies for Effective Action

The timeworn business adage, “Persist, pivot, and persevere,” has never been more relevant for companies that find themselves on the cusp of a post-COVID world. The dust is finally beginning to settle, yet there remains no question that recovering from the impacts of an unprecedented pandemic will require unprecedented levels of leadership.