Personal Capnometer

The CRiL N-Tidal C personal capnometer is a small, battery-powered device that measures the amount of CO2 in exhaled breath. The device measures the health of the lungs and can detect an asthma attack up to 3 days prior.

Pivot International’s subsidiary, Wideblue, has led all stages of the development and manufacturing of the product. From initial concept design, prototyping for early-stage clinical trials, design updates, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), prototyping for final clinical trials, supporting the customer in technical file preparation, and set up the supply chain for volume manufacturing. Wideblue carried out the infra-red optical design for the CO2 sensor, the removable breath tube with infra-red windows, and patented aspects of the design for the customer. Wideblue also designed and developed the electronics and associated control and communications software. Wideblue designed the user interface and intuitive ergonomic design, as well as prepared the packaging, accessories, and IFU. This product was awarded two European Product Design Awards.

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