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The all new GT9X ActiGraph Link is an advanced activity monitor meant to keep you in the know about your health and fitness. The monitor is designed with a sleek, low-profile case and high-resolution liquid crystal display (LCD) window for real-time feedback as you go about your day. ActiGraph’s validated 3 axis accelerometer and data filtering technology is integrated into the highly accurate and reliable new ActiGraph Link. This health device has Bluetooth® capabilities with integrated gyroscope and magnetometer sensors, providing highly advanced subject position and rotational information.

Real-time display

The ActiGraph Link features an LCD window that displays the date and time, device wireless mode and battery status, and real-time activity measures including steps taken and heart rate.

Gyroscope & Magnetometer

The ActiGraph Link captures absolute position and rotational information using an integrated gyroscope and magnetometer. These additional sensors augment the device’s triaxial accelerometer output to deliver a total of 9 axes of data about your daily activities for advanced applications including inclination and gait analysis.

Wear Time Sensor

An integrated wear time sensor uses capacitive touch technology to detect whether you are wearing a wrist-worn Link device or if it has been removed, allowing for simplified data cleaning.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x 1 cm
Weight 14 grams
Sample rate 30 - 100 Hertz
Battery life 16 days*
Data Storage 240 days / 4 GB
Dynamic range (primary accelerometer) +/- 8G
Dynamic range (secondary accelerometer) +/- 16G
Gyroscope dynamic range +/- 2000 deg/sec
Magnetometer dynamic range +/- 4800 micro-Tesla
Communication USB, Bluetooth® LE
Water resistance IP27 1 meter, 30 min.
Wear location Wrist, waist
Warranty 1 year

*Wireless disabled, 30 Hx sample rate, gyro disabled, sleep mode

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