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  • fitness product development


    The all new GT9X ActiGraph Link is an advanced activity monitor meant to keep you in the know about your health and fitness. The monitor is designed with a sleek, low-profile case and high-resolution liquid crystal display (LCD) window for real-time feedback as you go about your day.

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  • Solar power


    BonzaPack is a combination sports gear bag and chair, inspired by young athletes and designed by moms to address the challenges faced by kids, coaches, and parents involved in a variety of team sports.

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  • consumer product development

    Electric fish skinner

    The electric fish skinner is the quickest, easiest way to remove the skin and rib bones from fish, maximizing the meat from your fillet. The skinner removes rib bones and skin from the fillet in two simple steps.

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  • Golf ball finder

    Golf ball finder

    The Ball finder is an innovative new handheld electronic device that will help you locate difficult-to-find golf balls.

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  • chat device

    Hearing impaired chat device

    This sComm UbiDuo is a system designed to enable the deaf to communicate freely, in person, without an interpreter.

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  • portable battery

    Portable battery

    The portable battery pack brings power to the weekend camper or long expedition adventurer way off the grid.

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  • Solar power

    Solar power

    The Portable Solar Panel is about the size of a standard size textbook with the ability to act as a solar battery and deliver enough power to charge a laptop, car battery, portable gaming console or even a cellular phone.

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