Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is the newest, most effective and efficient electronic manufacturing solution. Utilized in virtually all commercial, industrial and consumer products with electronic features ranging from phones to computers, tablets, coffee makers, automobiles, ioT, biometric and medical products, SMT has broad application and ensures highly accurate execution of high-volume production.

Pivot International, a leading design, engineering, and manufacturing firm has expanded its production capacity with a strategic investment in Surface Mount Technology, providing its customers with the most advanced and cost-savings technology while continuing is rapid ascent to industry dominance.

Mark Dohnalek, President and CEO of Pivot International explains, “This strategic investment expands our global manufacturing capacity and ensures that we are the expert of choice for the highest quality, efficient, consistent production with safeguards to deliver uninterrupted SMT products.” Dohnalek describes the company’s growth strategy as “an aggressive calibrated approach to growth of capacity, expertise and assets in order to help customers meet market needs with Pivot’s global process and resources most effectively.”

Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). An electronic device made with this technology is referred to as a surface-mount device (SMD).

Pivot’s investment includes the installation of two mirrored Samsung high-speed SMT lines in its US-based Omaha NE facilities, as well as in its South Asia, Philippines-based Manila facilities. The mirrored lines are identical and can perform simultaneously with twinned specifications to maximize manufacturing volume. Since the mirrored lines share a server and database, Pivot can instantly switch or adjust manufacturing parameters with updates executed on both continents simultaneously.

This mirrored technology is advantageous for customers who distribute globally, allowing them to save time and money by choosing the Pivot facility closest to their products’ shipping destination, and if necessary, flexibly shifting production between Omaha and Manila.

In addition to Pivot’s dual locations serving to optimize customers’ supply chains, Pivot’s multi-continent facilities and mirrored SMT-lines provide yet another layer of protection for customers’ manufacturing production by buffering against natural disasters such as fires or floods, or political or economic upheavals such as strikes, tariff impositions, and currency fluctuations.

In order to support the global markets and serve customers in all geographies around the world, Pivot International continues to build its portfolio of brands, talent and resources with offices in the US, London and Glasgow, UK, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Pivot’s company-owned global resources attract and employ the industry’s top, design, engineering, and production talent to deliver the highest quality and cost-effective services for any product format. With a 47-year track record of integrity, innovation, high performance, and the adoption of leading-edge technology, Pivot has distinguished itself on the global stage as a single-source expert serving clients in a broad range of industries. These industries include: biometric/security products, wearable technology, touchscreen technology, medical, wireless, fitness, electronic components, agriculture, building operations and consumer products. Affirms Dohnalek, “I am committed to ensuring that Pivot has the global capabilities to manufacture in the US, UK and Asia so that we can deliver the most efficient solution for our clients all over the world.”

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