Quality assurance and quality control are distinct processes within manufacturing management. QA working in tandem with QC contributes to an organization’s excellence and also results in better products. By understanding the differences between QA and QC, as well as their partnership, you will be well equipped in choosing the right manufacturer for your product.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance revolves around the process of manufacturing. QA is proactive: it deals with all activity associated with building a product. The role of quality assurance is to ensure that the production protocol is going according to plan. Quality assurance is a safeguard against production error and thus occurs before any quality control takes place. QA can be overseen by a company manager, client, or third-party representative. Project audits and methodology/standards development are forms of quality assurance.

What is Quality Control?

While quality assurance emphasizes the manufacturing process, quality control focuses on the product. Quality assurance is proactive, while quality control is reactive, identifying errors and figuring out how to best remedy them before the product goes to market. Quality control can involve inspection, testing, reviewing, and analysis. Ultimately, the quality control specifics are determined by the product’s unique features and functions. For instance, quality control for an automobile differs from quality control for a cosmetic product. QC is usually performed by a quality control inspector or a designated team.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control: In Collaboration

Having quality assurance in place helps companies maintain high standards of manufacturing. Quality control ensures that the final product reflects these high standards and satisfies the customer’s needs. Incorporating both quality assurance and quality control into production helps companies save time, money, and resources. Evaluating the caliber of an operation as well as the resulting products is a constantly informative undertaking. By thoroughly monitoring how a product is made and the ensuing result, companies can better understand where they should be allocating their attention and resources to. Manufacturers with a solid track record of delivering both quality assurance and quality control have faster turnaround times, durable production procedure, and loyal customers. Quality assurance and quality control are paramount to an organization’s long-term success.

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