Selecting a manufacturer for your product may seem like a daunting task. After investing a great deal of time and money into your product design and product development, the stakes are indeed high. As Elon Musk told Entrepreneur, “Making lots of something consistently that’s going to last a long time is extremely hard. In fact, it is way harder to make the machine that makes the machine than it is to make the machine in the first place.”

How do you find a manufacturer that will deliver on their commitments? We hope the following questions make your decision process less complicated.

1. What is the manufacturer’s experience and background?

It’s important to evaluate the manufacturers’ qualifications and experience. What other businesses have they done production for? Working with known brands can be indicative of the manufacturer’s reliability, sustainability, and global distinction. It’s also smart to reach out to these brands directly and ask them about their experience with this manufacturer.

2. What is the size of the manufacturer?

In our experience, we’ve found it’s a safer bet to partner with a bigger manufacturer than a smaller one. Large manufacturers tend to have many years of experience under their belt and the ability to produce at scale. Manufacturers that are on the smaller side, however, may struggle to meet your production needs, costing you both time and money down the line. You want to ensure your manufacturer can promise you both quality and quantity, over and over again.

3. What kind of timeline is the manufacturer working with?

Before you sign a contract with a manufacturer, it’s important that you are on the same page when it comes to turnaround. Confirm with the manufacturer how long they anticipate production will take, and determine if that seems reasonable on your company’s end. Be mindful of how turnaround corresponds with the manufacturer’s pricing as well.

4. Where does the manufacturer receive their components from?

Sometimes, manufacturers outsource production for a portion of needed components. If this is the case, it’s important you research these external companies as well, and verify that they are equally reputable.

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