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After you’ve finished designing and developing your product, it’s easy to think the hardest part is over.

The product launch phase, however, comes with its own requirements, considerations, and many items to oversee. At Pivot International, we’ve found having a checklist at this stage is critical. In order to ensure a successful product launch, we suggest the following checklist:

1. Thoroughly test your product

We cannot stress the importance of testing your product enough. The process allows you to spot defects early and maximize your profits later on.

2. Examine and allocate sales collateral

We also recommend having backups at your disposal.

3. Ensure your sales team has a comprehensive understanding of your product

Your sales team should not only know how to use your product, but they should also be ready to lead demos, answer questions, and express your product’s value to a variety of user and buyer personas.

4. Prepare your customer support team to help users

Your customer support team should be ready to guide users so they can get the most out of your product. This will also boost your company’s image.

5. Fully develop your marketing plan

How do your customers use your current product? What improvements are your customers looking for with your products? These questions can lead to initial ideas about how you want to promote your new product. (We’ve also broken down marketing into four steps here.)

6. Ensure your marketing team fully understands the product’s unique value proposition (UVP)

Your marketing team should also have a clear grasp on the product’s buyer personas and any other additional information they need to create an effective marketing campaign.

7. Notify the entire company about the product

Everyone from accounting to HR should know about the new product and be prepared to answer questions from consumers that pertain to their specialty.

8. Finalize the product’s pricing structure

Analyze your variable costs, profit margin, and fixed costs when deciding on how you want to price your product.

9. Fully assess details concerning manufacturing, shipping, and order fulfillment.

It is crucial you are sure your supply is ready to meet your demand. You don’t want to be short on materials while launching your product!

10. Create a way for users to share feedback on the product.

Social media is an excellent way for users to interact with designated members of your company, as well as other users.

11. Establish goals for the product launch

Get clear on your success metrics before you introduce your product to the market.

12. Vet all legal and regulatory documents

Regulatory compliance is a lot easier to navigate with a professional. Find out how Pivot can expedite the process here

13. Set a launch date

Let everyone in your company know when the product launch will take place. This will ensure all departments are well versed in their specialty areas before the launch date.

Congratulations! Prototyping, redesigning, and manufacturing is not an easy feat. After coming this far, you and your product deserve a smooth and successful launch. We hope this checklist is helpful to you. Feel free to modify it to your unique needs.

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