Let’s say you’re trying to figure out if you should work with a product development company. Chances are, you have a few questions, especially if it’s your first time bringing a new product to market.

At Pivot International, we’ve been helping companies design, develop, and manufacture products for over 46 years. We’re familiar with what our prospective partners (especially those who are new to the product development process) want to know.

Here are the 6 questions we most commonly receive, along with answers that can better help you understand who we are, what we offer, why we’re a superior solution, and how we can help your business successfully bring a product to market.

1. What is your experience, and what is your background?

Businesses want to work with firms that are qualified and experienced. At Pivot, we have accumulated more than a dozen areas of specialization over the years. Our portfolio includes biometric security products, wearable and touch screen technology, medical devices, wireless and electronic components, agricultural and building operations, and much more. If we haven’t made your exact product before, we have likely worked on something similar. Our vast experience has also taught us how to be innovative, agile, and to leverage a culture of ongoing learning and improvement. At Pivot, we never stand still and are committed to constantly exceeding our own standards.

2. What services do you offer?

This is an essential question to ask at the beginning of your search for a product development partner. Naturally, any responsible company wants to know exactly what specialties and services we offer, as it applies specifically to their industry and the development of their particular product. At Pivot, we offer industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development, project management, contract manufacturing, prototyping, electronic manufacturing services (EMS), global manufacturing, supply chain management, product data management, business development, and regulatory compliance.

3. What kind of technology do you use?

It should go without saying that firms using the latest technology have a competitive edge. Not only does the acquisition of the latest technology signal a firm is current on their industry, but it also signals its business acumen and financial stability. Pivot’s recent investment in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) allows us to produce the most effective and efficient electronics (even at high-volumes) and represents a major advantage over our competitors.

4. What other companies have you worked with?

A product development firm is only as good as the company they keep. Because of this, companies who are investigating us want to know if we’ve worked with businesses or products similar to their own or with names they might know and trust. This is also where a discussion about client retention rates may arise. We are always happy to answer these questions, provide references, and are proud to share our numerous client testimonials. We understand that trust must be earned, and we’ve spent nearly half a century establishing an impeccable track record with our customers.

5. Do you incorporate product testing?

Not every product development company understands that their job isn’t finished when the production phase is complete. Pivot International believes in testing every single component of a product, not just after production, but throughout the product development process. We bring an eye for catching problems early and apply systematic and stringent quality control measures to ensure the product is without defects or imperfections of any kind.

6. What about regulatory compliance?

This is a crucial question for any business to investigate since deviations of this sort can sabotage an otherwise sound product development process. At Pivot, we adhere tightly to the laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications governing each industry. We understand this adherence plays as big a role in a product’s success as does business acumen, strategic planning, technological know-how, quality control, or any other of the multiple factors that go into profitably bringing a product to market.

Pivot International is the leader in single-source solutions for helping businesses of all sizes develop and manufacture successful products that put their company on the map. We welcome the crucial questions your company must ask in order to determine whether a product development firm is right for your product and business. Contact us today to get started.