Pivot International is a collaborative product design, development, and manufacturing firm.

We leverage strengths in more than a dozen areas of specialization, including: biometric security products, wearable and touchscreen technology, medical devices, wireless and electronic components, agricultural and building operations, supply chain management, and more to help our clients successfully scale in the Age of Industry 4.0.

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A Leading Global Product Development, Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing Partner For Over 50 Years.

Pivot International has enjoyed explosive growth in recent years due to our unique ONE-SOURCE business model for the development, design, engineering, and manufacturing of products for clients all over the world in various industries. Our CEO, Mark Dohnalek, explains, “We are absolutely committed to clients’ results; Pivot believes our success comes from partnerships and shared goals with our clients.” We demonstrate responsiveness to the marketplace, the economy, and growth industries such as medical, industrial, agriculture, sports & entertainment, IoT, optical, touch screen, biometrics/security, and motor control. Combined with our capabilities, talents, and assets: Pivot International’s business philosophy helps fuel our growth. We have a laser-sharp focus on growth opportunities, innovative solutions, and unparalleled commitment to execution. Please contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting our world in ways we’ve never seen before.

Everything from cell phones and computers to vehicles and homes can link and communicate in revolutionary ways. Pivot is operating where IoT and manufacturing intersect by developing smart, efficient processes that increase productivity and lower costs. We specialize in helping companies develop and manufacture new products.

We offer services in more than a dozen areas of specialization that leverage our strengths in industrial design, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software development.

By joining forces with Pivot, you’ll form a powerful partnership that will allow your business to:
  • Maximize your Internal Rate of Return for new product development.
  • Realize your product’s potential and profitability.
  • Grow your product through all stages of design and development.
  • Boost your shareholder value.
  • Enhance your company’s position as an industry leader.

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Joe Denny, Founder and CEO – TekTracking

“I received regular and consistent communication from my Pivot single point of contact regarding schedule, design issues and resolutions to issues. Pivot went all in to help solve some DFM shortfalls and is recommending improvements to our design to improve future builds. I’m very happy with the service provided.”

Curtis Hendrix, Manager – Symtech Corporation

“Working with Avatar has been top-notch when it comes to details! It is a pleasure working with the entire team at Pivot International.”

Dr. J Berbee, Co-Founder & Chairman – WiscMed

“The relationship with Pivot has been very team-oriented and it’s really helped us in our journey to bring the Wispr to market.”

Harry Schutte, VP of Operations – WiscMed

“Pivot had a good sense for translating engineering drawings into production to create more operational types of pieces and assemblies. We really appreciated Pivot’s patience in working with a startup. As a new device that had never been manufactured, we ran into issues at the 11th and 12th hours and Pivot was always great about it and remained flexible because they understand the nature of the startup environment.”

Andrea Case-Rogers, CXO – Zibrio

“Pivot really respected our vision for the product. They could have tried to talk us out of features that a less experienced partner would have seen as superfluous; a lot of times, engineers don’t think about the look of the product, they only focus on functionality. But Pivot understood the importance of user experience and were committed to improving the design, where necessary, to better appeal to consumers.”

Mike Milich, Partner – BonzaGear

“The BonzaSports LX is a combination gear bag and seat designed to keep athletes game-ready for play, practice or on the side lines. The product need was inspired by our experience as parents and coaches where we regularly encountered situations where young athletes forgot equipment, lost gear, left belongings behind on the field, got all muddy and wet from siting in the grass, and even sometimes couldn’t find important items like their inhaler or other medical items … we engaged Pivot as our one-source expert to design, engineer, test and manufacture the BonzaSport LX.”

Chris Kielian, Owner – Fish Skinner

“Fishing is practiced by approximately 60 million fishermen yet the solution for cleaning fish has been the same messy, time-consuming process for over 40,000 years. In fact, cleaning fish likely the biggest deterrent of the sport for amateurs who are not as skilled and often not fun even for experienced fishermen. Our idea was to make an automated skinning device that would make the process easier than using a knife or manual hand skinner. We found Pivot when we searched for companies to hire online. We were impressed with their one-source approach and process as well as other products they had designed.”


Pivot International and its companies offer a unique suite of product design services with the expertise to deliver only the most effective solutions. We provide product development based in the United States and the United Kingdom while offering the financial advantages of global tooling, procurement, and manufacturing at our facilities throughout North America, Taiwan, China, and the Philippines.


"No matter if you’re ordering a coffee, buying a candy bar or many other products, chances are you're using a touch screen that Pivot International had a hand in creating."

Discover Pivot's specialized and personalized approach to development, design, and manufacturing with CEO Mark Dohnalek.

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