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Fish Skinner: Owner — Chris Kielian

“Fishing is practiced by approximately 60 million fishermen yet the solution for cleaning fish has been the same messy, time-consuming process for over 40,000 years. In fact, cleaning fish likely the biggest deterrent of the sport for amateurs who are not as skilled and often not fun even for experienced fishermen.

Our idea was to make an automated skinning device that would make the process easier than using a knife or manual hand skinner.

We found Pivot when we searched for companies to hire online. We were impressed with their one-source approach and process as well as other products they had designed.”

BonzaGear: Partner — Mike Milich

“The BonzaSports LX is a combination gear bag and seat designed to keep athletes game-ready for play, practice or on the side lines. The product need was inspired by our experience as parents and coaches where we regularly encountered situations where young athletes forgot equipment, lost gear, left belongings behind on the field, got all muddy and wet from siting in the grass, and even sometimes couldn’t find important items like their inhaler or other medical items.

The concept was crystal clear; how to design, engineer, source and manufacture the product were very complex. We started the process by working with various technical experts: a designer, an engineer and Asian production experts. Although each respective expert was strong, none had the ability or capabilities to fully design and engineer a product that could be effectively manufactured.”

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