From baking dozens of Christmas cookies, to shopping for your entire extended family, sometimes the holidays can seem like one enormous stress fest.

Product Inventions that reduce Holiday Stress

Thankfully, these four products can make your holiday season a bit less stressful.

A meat thermometer

You’ll never again stress about whether that Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham is done. After all, there’s nothing worse than worrying about serving undercooked meat, which can keep you up the night before a holiday gathering. So don’t even think about putting a turkey in the oven this Thanksgiving with a meat thermometer. The Range Smart iPhone / iPad Thermometer can even sent alerts to your iOS device when the ideal temperature has been reached.

All-Clad Slow Cooker

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, it might seem like you have half a dozen things to cook simultaneously, which of course means you will inevitably run out of stove burners. Luckily, this slow cooker provides a bit more cooking space!

Maxx Family Power Bank

According to AAA estimates, some 95 million Americans will travel an average of 50 miles or more this holiday season. Whether you’re making the trek to your in-laws across country, or to your sister’s house on the other side of the state, one thing is for sure: you’ve got to be prepared. Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, stow a portable family power bank in your bag. After all, if the iPad dies mid-trip it will be a lot harder to keep your children entertained, and if your flight is delayed six hours but you’re stuck with a dead cell phone, you will generate more worry for the in-laws then necessary.

Victorio Apple Peeler

The worst part about baking an apple pie? Peeling all of those apples. Who has time to peel by hand when there’s a turkey in the oven, stuffing on the stove, and potatoes waiting to be mashed? Luckily, peeling all those apples for those four apple pies you have to make just got a whole lot easier. Your hands will thank you!

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