There is no denying it: a good product idea can truly revolutionize the world as we know it.

Product Ideas That Have Changed the World

For a bit of product design inspiration, take a look at these three product ideas that have totally changed the world.

The light bulb

The incandescent light bulb made the world a brighter place—literally. Of course, before the light bulb, there was light. But once Thomas Edison designed what is arguably one of the world’s most revolutionary products in 1879, things changed substantially, eliminating the need for fire or kerosene to light up a room. An added bonus? Light bulbs don’t blow out when it is windy, don’t fizzle out when wet, and never run out of oil. Of course, the light bulb has undergone significant changes since it first made an appearance over half a century ago. From fluorescent lights to LEDs, the light bulb is still being reinvented over 150 years later.

The Model T

In 1908, Henry Ford introduced the Model T to the world and totally changed the car industry, as well as the world. What’s so revolutionary about the Model T? Well, mass production meant that the Model T could be sold at a low price and marketed to the average man as opposed to the very wealthy. The imprint of the Model T can be seen across the country today, spurring the construction of highways and roadways as more and more people purchased cars.

The personal computer

It is now commonplace to walk into any Starbucks and see café occupants typing away on their own personal laptops. At one point, the idea of a personal computer seemed like a complete fantasy, as early computers were in no way personal—they were enormous hulking machines that frequently took up the space of an entire room. The game changed when an engineer at Intel developed a microprocessor. This facilitated a huge design breakthrough: computers could be designed to be much more compact. Bill Gates eventually formed Microsoft in the 1980s, and the first mass personal computer was put on the market.

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