Product development isn’t just about bringing a great idea to fruition. It’s also about bringing a new product to the market, and that means marketing.

New Product Content Marketing Guide

After all, if you release a product into a market without making an effort to connect with consumers and get them interested in what you’re offering, your product launch will most likely turn into a product flop.

Get on social media

The sooner your product or brand gets on social media, the better! Facebook is a staple, but beyond that, do some research to figure out which social media sites your target consumer is using. Remember: the goal is to craft a social media strategy that facilitates engagement and interaction to maximize the visibility of your brand and your new product. The more visibility you manage to garner before launch time, the better.

Develop a publishing schedule and stick to it

Increasingly, brands are becoming publishers, and publish content for their consumers to read, watch, and listen to. The key to content marketing is being able to produce a steady stream of content. Even before your product launches, you need to get a content schedule going, and upload things accordingly. How often should you publish? It all depends on the type of product you’re offering and on your market niche. “If you are running a news, celebrity, quotes, jokes, lifestyle, or sports site, then you will have to post multiple times per day to keep your content relevant and fresh,” explains digital marketing consultant Alex Chris. “If, on the other hand you are running a blog or website in other areas (for example weight loss, nutrition, education, travel etc.) where the status of things does not change daily, then you can probably get away with a couple of updates per week.”

Don’t forget about video!

The key to any successful content marketing strategy is video content, especially if you want to ensure that your product is memorable. A study by Diode video, a digital design agency, found that roughly 80 percent of customers will recall a video ad that they have seen within the past 30 days, and video actually entices roughly 10 percent of consumers to make a purchase. Video marketing will also drive up engagement on your website and social media sites. Did you know that 90 percent of visitors will stay on a site that prominently features a video for a longer period of time than they will stay on a site that does not feature a video? That drives up time on site, which is a key measure of engagement. Video is especially beneficial to add to social media campaigns. Video-based Facebook updates receive 10 times more shares than text-based updates.

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