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developing touch screens

M820 Pivot Video System

The M820 Pivot Display Engine provides a method to quickly develop LCD hardware solutions. Each display engine is paired with an adaptor board that translates specific LCD and touch screen technology into the standard display engine. The use of the translator board allows the display engine to accommodate any size LCD or touch screen technology.

Pivot offers standard translator boards with 4.3”, 7”, and 10.1” displays. Due to the simple design of the translator boards, Pivot engineers can rapidly design a custom board to meet any design requirements. The display engine uses a customized Linux distribution that allows seamless integration of your application.

M821 Pivot Video System

The M821 Pivot Video System is an upgraded version of the M820 Video System. The M821 Video System offers a translator board that is capable of adding additional custom electronics (e.g., additional I/O, accelerometer, etc.) to accommodate custom product requirements.

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