Wi-Fi 6 is receiving more and more press, and for good reason. Wi-Fi 6 is the future of wireless and IoT, and companies should be paying attention. According to market intelligence and advisory firm Mordor Intelligence, the global IoT market will reach USD 1,386.06 billion by 2026, up from USD 761.4 billion in 2020. As innovations relying on Wi-Fi and IoT technologies continue to increase and dominate the market, Wi-Fi 6 is unlocking new possibilities for product development.

At Pivot International, we are a global one-source leader in design, development, manufacturing, and supply chain. Leveraging an extensive suite of wireless technologies, we help companies worldwide capitalize on rapidly expanding Wi-Fi and IoT market opportunities. Our teams bring advanced DFM expertise across three continents and fourteen industries — including medical, industrial, fitness, security and defense, sports and entertainment, consumer, and more.

To better understand why Wi-Fi 6 holds so much market potential, let’s first look at its functional capabilities and technical specifications. Then, we’ll explore how this leading-edge technology is being applied across multiple industries.

Understanding Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax, represents the combination of high-speed Gigabit Ethernet wireless and licensed radio supporting high-speed, low-latency connectivity for local area networks. The result is enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and scalability that supports next-generation applications to new and existing networks.

Wi-Fi 6 is also defined by four technical changes that are quickly taking it from novelty to necessity.

Because Wi-Fi 6 has wider channels (80 and 160 MHz), up to eight spatial streams, and other boundary-breaking features, it unlocks new possibilities for profitable industry-wide IoT and sensor applications. At Pivot, these applications are among our many areas of expertise, and we’re helping our partners deploy them in industries that include:

Cross-Industry Applications of Wi-Fi 6


Wi-Fi 6 is essential for the development of medtech with remote imaging and diagnostic capabilities. Whether it’s a digital otoscope for pediatric patients, a mobile phone ophthalmoscope, a personal capnometer, or patient prescription-adherence device (all products developed in partnership with Pivot), Wi-Fi 6 holds game-changing applications for telehealth.

Sports and Entertainment:

When concession terminals or merchandise kiosks cannot process payment instantaneously, it deters fans from making purchases in the short time between sports plays or music sets. (The most profitable window for sales.) Wi-Fi 6 makes point-of-sale connectivity instantaneous, solving a problem for vendors and fans alike.

Security and Defense:

Wi-Fi 6 raises the bar on security applications for smart cities, defense initiatives, and the private sector. One way it’s doing this is with real-time access to live surveillance footage in areas previously plagued by connectivity issues. Case in point: our teams at Pivot are helping keep communities safe with applications for capturing voice and video evidence.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing:

Wi-Fi 6 enables upgraded solutions to last-mile logistics and improvements to supply chain transparency and security. In manufacturing, Wi-Fi 6 applications make it possible for companies to conduct remote diagnostics and maintenance on complex equipment.


Opportunities for Wi-Fi 6 enabled applications in education have skyrocketed due to the pandemic-driven increase in demand for virtual training and education. The market for these applications includes everything from remedial education to training simulations for the security and defense industries.

Airport Operations:

Wi-Fi 6 applications have been launched at various airports to overcome the lag and spotty coverage between structures plaguing airport administration and travelers. And because Wi-Fi 6 is compatible with existing backhaul (unlike 5G), airport officials can stagger the rollout of these applications, reducing the risk of wholesale adoption while remaining on budget.


Wi-Fi 6 applications will bring startling changes in the automotive market. Increased cellular connectivity means vehicles will have two Wi-Fi access points: one for personal connection and streaming entertainment and one for telematic applications. (Enabling vehicle owners to receive instantaneous repair estimates while cutting wait times in half at dealership service departments.)

Ready to capitalize on the exciting new market opportunities for Wi-Fi 6 applications? Pivot brings industry-leading experience in wireless tech, an expansive portfolio of award-winning IoT innovations, and a streamlined one-source model to take you seamlessly from product concept through distribution. Contact us today to learn more!