With a vast amount of options in the electronics manufacturing service (EMS) industry, it can be challenging to decide which manufacturer is right for you. You know you want your product to be developed efficiently and successfully, but knowing exactly what to look for to ensure that happens is another matter. Here are seven things to take into consideration when selecting an EMS partner.

1: Experience

The more experience a business has with manufacturing electronics, the better. Established electronic manufacturers are incredibly knowledgeable about the industry and can be relied on to produce quality products. We recommend interviewing more than one manufacturer, and when you meet, ask your potential partners how much experience they have in electronic manufacturing. From there, you can determine which companies have worked on projects similar to yours.

2: Design proficiency

Your outsource partner should be able to meet you where you are in the design process, whether that means making initial outlines or amending your most recent prototype. A great electronic manufacturer will be ready and able to streamline your design process, making your partnership as constructive as possible.

3: Technologically advanced

An EMS partner that uses the latest technology will give you a competitive edge. Don’t hesitate to ask your potential electronic manufacturing service what kind of technology and equipment they work with. If you’re aiming for high-volume production, it’s especially important to look for a partner who’s invested in surface mount technology (SMT).

4: Regulatory compliance

It’s crucial that electronic manufacturing services are in line with regulatory compliance. Adhering to the industry’s laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications will affect every stage of the manufacturing process, as well as your final product. A valuable outsource partner will also be willing to abide by your individual guidelines for production.

5: Makes good on quality assurance and quality control

Your electronic manufacturer should exercise both quality assurance and quality control. While QA is process oriented, QC is product oriented. An EMS business that has a solid track record of delivering both quality assurance and quality control will have faster turnaround times and a durable production procedure.

6: A supply chain management system

For manufacturing to run smoothly, your EMS partner needs a supply chain management system in place. Without one, you and your electronic manufacturing service company run the risk of wasting time tracking down various components for your product. Ask your prospective EMS partners what kind of software they use to manage supply chains and to gauge their general knowledge about global manufacturing.

7: Incorporates product testing

A quality EMS partner understands their work isn’t complete when production is over. Testing is needed for every component of the product so you can rule out any defects or deficiencies without wasting a great deal of time and money. At Pivot International, our electronic manufacturing services will exceed your expectations. We bring nearly fifty years of experience in design, development, manufacturing, and supply chain management, as well as the latest in SMT. Our electronic engineering and manufacturing technicians follow IPC standards, ensuring the production of high quality, reliable components. We also provide standard RoHS-compliant assembly processes with each assembly. To learn more about our world-class electronics manufacturing, contact us today.