Rapid prototyping is the process of generating several iterations of a product or product component. Using three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) data, rapid prototyping has many benefits. Still, you want to be sure this process is a good match for your project. How can you tell if rapid prototyping is best for you? The following signs are indicative:

When you want to test the visuals of your project

Rapid prototyping enables users to engage with the look and feel of their product early on in the design process. With rapid prototyping, you can get feedback from your development team in addition to your investors and potential client base.

A physical rendition of your product, as opposed to a design or schematic, can give way to a more realistic experience. Rapid prototyping allows you to get helpful feedback that is critical for the success of your final product.

When you are working with a limited amount of time on your project

A defining advantage of rapid prototyping is, of course, how quickly it can be produced. Designs are subject to change even in the final stages of product development. Executing these changes can be difficult and time-consuming. With rapid prototyping, however, changes can be expeditiously made throughout the process. This prevents the costly possibility of having to start from square one when a product is produced without the benefits of iterative experimentation and testing and therefore evidences defects or inadequacies late in the development process.

If you find yourself quickly approaching a deadline, rapid prototyping can help you get quick feedback and promptly carry out any necessary changes.

When you are open to more than one option for your project

Maybe you are still testing out different versions of your product. Perhaps you have different markets or clients that have unique needs for your product. Rapid prototyping makes quick adjustments possible.

Rapid prototyping is an excellent means for exploratory design, allowing you to toy with numerous designs and styles. If you want to compare and contrast different renditions of your project, rapid prototyping enables you to assess them before before proceeding to production.

When you are looking to save time and money with your project

Revisions undertaken at later stages in the product development process tend to be much more costly and time consuming than those undertaken at the beginning and along the way. Rapid prototyping helps companies protect against this.

Money saved with rapid prototyping can be allocated towards supply chain reinforcement, marketing efforts, warehousing, and any other arena.

While in the past it took weeks to secure a prototype of a product, rapid prototyping can often be initiated and completed within the same day day. To learn about how rapid prototyping can help your business, download our e-book “Product Prototyping: Getting It Right the First Time.”

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