When people hear the word “drones” many of them immediately think of the military drones that we use in combat, but in reality there are far more drones being used by the general public than the military. Drones are quickly becoming ubiquitous around the country—you can find them flying over golf courses, along the beach, or even just in your neighbor’s backyard. The inventors of these personal drones found an untapped niche, and the owners of these drones are finding plenty of cool new uses for them.

Journalism and Aerial Photography
Drones are perfect for getting a unique shot from an angle that used to be almost impossible. And because of their small size, they can get closer to the action than a cameraman on a helicopter or blimp. This is even better for sporting events like golf or biking, where the course is spread out over a large amount of land.

And they’ve also been put to good use during music festivals. The aerial shots of massive crowds around multiple stages are really something to behold, and festival-goers can watch the footage later to relive the experience.

While the FAA is currently putting the kibosh on Amazon’s drone delivery plan, there could be some future potential for drones to deliver small items short distances in the future. Is it practical? Maybe. Is it awesome? Absolutely.

Hurricane Spotters
It’s easy for drones to fly into a storm, and there isn’t any risk of human life. Drones can monitor a storm as it evolves and perform valuable surveillance. The data they collect can help scientists understand the natural forces in hurricanes in ways they previously couldn’t.

Wildlife Protection
The U.S. actually already uses drones to help keep an eye on animal populations and protect the species that inhabit nationally owned land. Drones with thermal imaging can help identify an animal’s distribution and density, and also provide clearer maps and better data on where animals are moving. The can even help fight poaching—surveying large swaths of land and spotting poachers when they enter protected areas.

Search and Rescue
Drones are also capable of taking on the toughest terrain, areas that humans would have trouble accessing and searching. When people go missing in remote or dangerous areas, drones are the perfect option to help search for them. They also cut down on the expense of search and rescue missions, while increasing their effectiveness.

Whether you use your drone for fun or for one of the more serious activities we just listed, you know that their potential reaches far beyond the battlefield. We may not be getting Kindles delivered anytime soon, but drone use has become the norm around the country.

Remember, someone had to imagine the first commercial drone before it came to life. If you’ve got an idea that you want to make a reality, then contact Pivot International today. We specialize in helping people just like you bring their ideas to market.