Whether you’re a born and raised New Yorker or you came to a big city from a little town on the prairie, you probably understand that there are some things about living in the city that aren’t ideal. Traffic, noise, and air quality can all be bummers sometimes, but it’s really the little things that can pile up and become a nuisance. That’s why inventors are always trying to find new ways to help out their city-dwelling brethren. A new invention that taps into that market could become hugely profitable in just a short amount of time. Here are a few of the best ones already out there for city living.

The Wally
Do you live in a cramped apartment, and can’t see how you’re going to fit a table into your tiny studio? Then check out the Wally. This ingenious table is mounted on your wall and flips down with a touch of your fingers. And when you’ve cleared the dishes away, you can easily lift the table back up onto the wall. Oh, and it also comes with storage and shelving options to save you even more space.

Foldable Bike
There are a ton of different options to choose from when it comes to a foldable bike, and that’s because it’s such a great idea. Not everyone lives in a neighborhood where they can leave their bike chained up outside all night, and finding space in an apartment for a full-sized bike can be tricky. With a collapsible bike, you can easily fold up your bicycle and store it in a corner, taking up a fraction of the space it normally would.

Fyxation Leather Bicycle Carrier
Speaking of bikes, it’s not always very practical to drive around the city for small errands. Having a bike in the city is just a smart way to save money—and quite frequently time, too. But if you happen to picking up a six pack on the way back home, it can be a precarious adventure making sure those bottles stay safe and away from the unforgiving street. Luckily, the Fyxation Bicycle Carrier has you covered. It’s made from full grain leather, and it connects to the top tube and front seat of your bike, giving each of your bottles a cozy ride home.

Smartphone Pocket Projector
The age of streaming is here and having a cable subscription is rarely worth the money and hassle anymore. The Pocket Projector capitalizes on this, and you can get rid of your cable bill and save on a TV if your rent is making it tough to find some extra money. It attaches to your smartphone, tablet, or computer and projects a 50-inch HD image onto your wall. It runs off your device’s battery, so you don’t even need to be next to an outlet.

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