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Best Industry Growth Sectors of 2015

Here are the top sectors expected to thrive throughout 2015.


There’s no doubt that the tech sector is growing rapidly. “Four verticals in particular are revolutionizing enterprise IT: cloud, mobility, data and security,” explains Luke Burns, a partner at Ascent Venture Partners in Boston. Innovation and new development in these four particular verticals will likely be poised for success in 2015.


Many experts contend that the energy industry is on the cusp of revolution. New technologies are on the verge of completely changing the industry, meaning new opportunities will be present in an ever-changing landscape. “The chances for reaching a global deal at the U.N. meeting in Paris in 2015 just increased exponentially. In other words, the time is now for nuclear energy,” explains Maxx Chatsko. “Smaller reactor designs, the consumption of nuclear wastes for power generation, and novel processes promise to make future nuclear projects substantially more economical. Meanwhile, dangling the low-carbon carrot in front of world leaders may be too good to pass up.” The industry is hungry for innovative and new products, meaning the sector is ripe with new opportunities for product development.” Experts say that besides nuclear power, businesses that offer new products and processes in other forms of clean energy industries — such as wind and solar — will also be well rewarded.

Health care

New health care legislation and ObamaCare have resulted in major changes to the US health care industry. Experts are predicting a boom in patient-monitoring technologies, a market that is expected to reach $29 billion by the end of the year. “Aging Baby Boomer populations in the US will require solutions outside the hospital. Strained nursing-care systems will drive hospitals and physicians to treat patients at home, spurring demand for systems that allow them to do this safely,” Bruce Carlson explains. “Remote patient monitoring systems inside hospitals or connecting healthcare workers to patients at home continue to demonstrate revenue growth and customer demand.” Furthermore, the industry demand for innovative biopharmaceuticals will also grow, as will the demand for medical electronics.

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