From Nissan’s famous royal baby ad, to Oreo’s famous “you can still dunk in the dark” Super Bowl campaign, the buzz surrounding real-time marketing has grown steadily over the past few years.

What is Real Time Marketing

Real-time marketing can essentially be described as marketing conducted “on the fly” to capitalize on recent events. Marketers often use real-time marketing to respond to an entire host of different real-time data, including weather, location, behavioral data, demographics, content viewed, and device or browser data. Here are some of the ways real-time marketing can benefit your brand.

Enhance customer experience

Real-time marketing can make your message appear more relevant, and improves customer satisfaction by 67 percent, and customer retention by 60 percent. Research also shows that real-time marketing improves customer purchase intent by 14 percent, and customer interest by 18 percent.

Improve engagement rates

Real-time marketing is an especially powerful strategy to use in social media marketing, and has a tremendous capacity to boost engagement. Consider Oreo’s aforementioned “you can still dunk in the dark” Super Bowl campaign, which is arguably one of the most prominent examples of real-time marketing. As soon as power at the Super Bowl stadium went out, Oreo immediately took the social media world by storm, posting simple graphics with the catchy “you can still dunk in the dark” message. The campaign may have been simple, but the results were impressive. The original image was re-tweeted 15,000 times, and received 19,000 likes. An added bonus? These increased levels of engagement translated in a huge boost in followers. The company’s Twitter following shot up by 8,000, and Facebook fans soared to 36,000.

Boost conversion rates

Research also shows that real-time marketing can help boost conversion rates. A report by Monetate and Econsultancy shows that real-time marketing can boost conversion rates by an impressive 26 percent.

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