If you’re leading a product development team, you need sharp leadership skills.

Leading a product development team

What goes into becoming a truly great leader? Let’s take a look.

Great communication skills

Great product development team leaders have certain goals in mind, and know what needs to be done to achieve those goals. They also know how to communicate all that information to their team. Remember, developing a product is a huge task—it is hard to go it alone. But your team won’t be able to properly help you unless you can effectively communicate your goals, ideas, and visions.

Stay organized

When leading a product development team, you need great organization skills. It is likely you are going to have multiple balls in the air all at one time, and you need to know how to juggle them properly. That means organization. If you aren’t already organized, now is the time to start. Get a planner to keep track of daily and weekly goals and deadlines.

Emotional intelligence

Developing a product means that a number of different people from several different backgrounds all need to come together. You are going to be managing different types of people with different types of personalities, which requires emotional intelligence. You need to know how to read people, learn about who works best with who, and determine who responds well to what types of communication, etc.

Understand how to motivate your team

Developing a product is strenuous—there is no denying it. Think of it as a kind of marathon: it requires a lot of strength and energy to make it to the finish line. You and your team need to stay motivated for the long haul. Your team might always be tremendously motivated, so it is your job to help keep their spirits high. Remember, a highly motivated team is great for both company culture and productivity.

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