Using a social media hashtag is an excellent way to garner visibility for your new product and spark consumer excitement in the months and weeks leading up to a product launch. Keep in mind that the best hashtags will connect your product with your target market.

How to develop twitter hashtags for product launches

Crafting the perfect hashtag, however, is often easier said than done. Keep the following points in mind when designing the perfect Twitter hashtag for your product launch.

Keep it short and sweet

The shorter your hashtag, the better. You want your hashtag to be easy for consumers to remember and spell. After all, the goal is to get your consumers to actually use the hashtag. Effective hashtags will typically be a word or a phrase, never a sentence. A good rule of thumb is to try and keep each hashtag under twenty characters.

Be specific

Every brand should have broad hashtags that correspond to core keywords. However, when it comes to an event like a product launch, you want to be as specific as possible. This helps your followers identify specific campaigns and events. You want to distinguish your product launch from the everyday social media content published about your brand.

Make it unique

You want your consumers to associate your chosen hashtag with your brand, and your brand alone. Before you decide on a hashtag for your product launch, do a quick search to see if it is already in use across other social media sites. If it is, you may want to come up with an alternate hashtag. Remember, when your hashtag is memorable and unique, consumers will be more likely to use it when engaging with your brand.

Consider KitKat. The candy bar brand used their tagline for the #HaveABreak hashtag, and consistently use it on all of their social sites from Twitter to Google+. Their consumers know and recognize the brand hashtag, and therefore use it to engage with the social KitKat community.

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