Ever blown a fuse in your house by running too many appliances, power tools, or other electrical products at the same time? If so, it may be because the electrical panel for your house is designed to handle only about 200 amps of current. (Exceed this amount, and you can count on the lights going out, the fridge shutting down, or the washing machine refusing to cycle.)

But consider this: It’s now possible to build compact, portable DC power systems using diminutive ESCs (IoT-enabled Electronic Speed Controls) with brushless DC motors that can handle more than twice this many amps and generate more than 20 units of horsepower — all in a setup that fits in the palm of your hand. Moreover, these incredibly capable power systems far outperform their brushed motor predecessors and can power R/C cars from 0 to 60 in 1.6 seconds and push speeds upwards of 170 MPH. (Move over, Tesla.)

Configurable ESCs and High-Performance Brushless Motors for Multiple Markets

The ability to pack a virtual ton of power into a relatively tiny package makes these innovations incredibly attractive to a broad segment of customers seeking motion control solutions for industrial, consumer, and hobbyist markets. And Castle Creations, our US-based subsidiary, is helping customers meet market demand.

Castle’s roots are in the radio-controlled hobby sector, where it’s established itself over the last 24 years as a leading aftermarket specialist in low-weight, high-power, brushless DC motors and ESCs with highly configurable firmware offering advanced features such as adjustable throttle and brake curves, motor timing, data logging, and SMARTSENSETM to seamlessly transition between sensored and sensorless operation. But Castle stands out from its competitors with continuous innovation, American-made quality, and unrivaled product support.

A Wide Range of Innovative Applications Across Product Categories

For this reason, Castle has become a top solution for customers far afield from the hobby market, with applications in a wide range of products that sound like they’re straight out of sci-fi or a James Bond movie. Here’s just a few:

  • Temperature-controlled suits designed for use in bomb-disposal missions
  • Small autonomous harbor-security ships
  • Underwater propulsion systems for recreational and military divers
  • Extreme duty, battery-powered, hand-held torque wrenches
  • Hoverpump systems for firefighting helicopters
  • Electric A/C systems for military vehicles
  • High-performance automotive fuel pumps
  • Electric brake cooling systems
  • Inflators for high-altitude balloons
  • Robotic arms and drive systems
  • Mission-critical military and civilian drones

Designing a “Killer App” for Motion Control

Whenever customers are looking for aftermarket solutions for products that spin, fly, propel, actuate, or otherwise move, they’ll need a partner with the “killer app” for motion control.

Configurable software or fully customizable firmware serves this purpose, giving customers the freedom to select their own motor and ratchet up its performance according to their specialized needs. And having a partner with elite engineering experience in both software and hardware means that the interface between the two will be seamless and fully controllable via both PC and mobile applications.

Choosing a Partner With the Resources and Team to Truly Support You

Nine out of ten companies cannot offer their customers the insight, expertise, and support of the team behind the product in question. Once a customer purchases a product, rarely can they count on direct contact and personal support for getting their questions answered or concerns addressed. This can be one of the most frustrating and trust-damaging experiences a customer can have.

When it comes to serving their customers and treating them as true partners, Castle sets the standard. And as one of the last American manufacturers of ESC’s, customers appreciate working with a partner that speaks their language and is never more than a Zoom call away.

At Pivot International, we’re incredibly proud to include Castle among our global family of companies. With nine subsidiaries in all, we bring product development expertise across fourteen industries and 320,000 square feet of manufacturing capability to support all of your supply chain and manufacturing needs. If you’d like to learn more about how we can play a key role in fueling your success, contact us today.