For companies looking for aftermarket solutions for products that spin, fly, propel, actuate, or involve other sorts of movement, two motion control solutions top the list: ESC (electronic speed control) and DC brushless motors. These solutions work in tandem to meet the premium demands of high-performance innovations by providing: 

  • High degrees of configurability with customizable parameters 
  • Dynamic, highly responsive motion variability
  • Low weight-to-power ratio

In the area of ESC and brushless motors, our US-based subsidiary, Castle Creations, is an unrivaled market leader. Whether you have a current product that needs a “plug and play” solution or are looking for customized software and hardware engineering, Castle is a premier partner. 

Castle began 25 years ago in the radio-controlled hobby sector. When they started engineering motors that were so compact and efficient that they exceeded the capabilities of most industrial offerings, they quickly established a reputation as a go-to for industrial and commercial applications. Today, Castle has become the leading aftermarket specialist in low-weight, high-power, configurable ESC solutions, DC brushless motors, customized firmware, and high-performance fuel systems. 

Why ESC and Brushless Motor Solutions are in Industry-Wide Demand

High-performance products involving motion present three challenges: configurability and customization, variability, and weight-to-power ratio. Let’s look at the central role ESC and brushless motors play in meeting them. 

Configurability and Customization

High-performance products needing motion control solutions can never be a “standard issue.” Instead, they must allow users to instantly adjust them according to their customized needs and personal preferences. Castle accomplishes this with configurable software or fully configurable firmware with a seamless interface that is fully PC and mobile controllable. 


High-performance products typically need to have much higher-than-average ranges of variability, requiring the ability to smoothly respond in real-time to sudden changes across a broad range of conditions. Castle makes this possible with advanced motion control features that include: 

  • Adjustable throttle and brake curves
  • Motor timing
  • Data logging
  • SMARTSENSETM to seamlessly transition between sensored and sensorless operation

Weight-to-Power Ratio

High-performance products in need of motion control solutions present the steep challenge of needing to be exceptionally fast and powerful while being small in size and generating very little heat. This isn’t easy since the faster and more powerful a motor, the larger (and more expensive) it tends to be and the more heat it typically puts off. 

But Castle can overcome these size, weight, power, and cost-related challenges with ultra-compact, portable DC power systems. These systems employ incredibly small ESCs (IoT-enabled Electronic Speed Controls) with brushless DC motors to deliver a whopping 20 units of horsepower — all in a solution about the size of a shoebox. These advanced power systems leave earlier brushed motors in the dust, taking an R/C controlled from 0 to 60 in a blink of the eye and reaching speeds upwards of 130 MPH.

The Industry-Wide Applications of ESC and Brushless Motors

The high-performance applications of ESC and brushless motors span multiple markets and hundreds of use cases and can be seen in premium innovations that include: 

  • Temperature-controlled suits designed for use in bomb-disposal missions
  • Small autonomous harbor-security ships
  • Underwater propulsion systems for recreational and military divers
  • Extreme duty, battery-powered, hand-held torque wrenches
  • Hoverpump systems for firefighting helicopters
  • Electric A/C systems for military vehicles
  • High-performance automotive fuel pumps
  • Electric brake cooling systems
  • Inflators for high-altitude balloons
  • Robotic arms and drive systems
  • Mission-critical military and civilian drones

Innovation, Quality, and Support

Castle differentiates itself from its competitors with its culture of innovation, Made-In-the-USA quality, and peerless product support. When you work with Castle, you work with a team that stands behind their product and has your back — before, during, and after your purchase.

When you have questions, concerns, or just want to understand your product more deeply, you can count on direct, personal contact from Castle’s team. Many businesses refer to their customers as “partners,” but few make good on the expression. Castle is a shining exception. Their teams work in direct partnership with you, taking an individualized and collaborative approach to creating your innovation. And because they’re centrally located in the Midwest, they’re never far away and will always welcome your presence on site. 

Pivot is thrilled to count Castle among its family of nine companies and is proud to showcase its elite engineering expertise. If you’d like to learn more about how Castle can provide the motion control solutions you’re looking for, or if you’d like to learn more about our extensive suite of technologies and services, contact us today.