Industry 4.0 is no longer an aspiration but an unfolding reality across the manufacturing sector. Digital evolution — the industry-wide shift driving the adoption of state-of-the-art digital technologies — is rapidly underway. US manufacturers lag behind competitors in countries like Singapore and Germany in bringing smart manufacturing to scale. But spurred by massive investment in US-based manufacturing, more American production partners are beginning to catch up by implementing data-driven technologies.

At Pivot International, we are a one-source global leader in digital adoption bringing operational efficiencies to scale to deliver premium product solutions for customers worldwide. We leverage a diverse suite of digital technologies, advanced DFM expertise, and 320,000 square feet of flexible manufacturing options unmatched by other US-based competitors. With 50 years of proven experience that spans fourteen industries, we provide a smooth, seamless, highly competitive approach to product development.

Bringing Operational Efficiencies to Scale: Digital Adoption Statistics and Trends

Digital adoption is a herculean undertaking. But even investment in foundational technologies such as cloud computing yields significant rewards by delivering the computational power, visibility, and speed needed for increasing operational efficiency at scale. The following statistics and trends bear witness to accelerating rates of digital adoption.

  • Half of executives report that investment in digital adoption is one of their top priorities.
  • Forty-five percent of manufacturing executives say they’re making investments in industrial IoT for the express purpose of driving operational efficiencies.
  • Investment in AI technologies is forecasted to achieve a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) above 20% through 2025.
  • Discrete manufacturing is among the top-three industries leading digital adoption.
  • Smart factories are increasingly being viewed as critical to market leadership.
  • The transformation of brownfield facilities is being accelerated with IoT, robotics, automation platforms, and AI-enabled tools to support production.
  • More organizations are making headway in their facilities with connected, reliable, efficient, and predictive processes.
  • Localized and limited technology projects are being successfully scaled to full production lines.
  • Quality monitoring and other edge-computing applications play an increasingly common role in compliance.
  • Manufacturers are optimizing performance using asset tracking sensors and connected machinery for real-time equipment monitoring and maintenance.

Examples of Digital Adoption in Action

Deployment of digital adoption drives operational efficiencies of scale through dramatically increasing insight and integration, improving processes, and creating conditions for maximum value extraction. At Pivot, examples of digital adoption include machine learning, AI, blockchain, cloud computing, preventative maintenance, digital twinning, and advanced pick-and-pack surface mount technology (P&P SMT). We’ll briefly take a look at the last three.

Predictive Maintenance

When industrial equipment malfunctions or breaks down without warning, it results in significant quality control issues or halts production altogether, resulting in skyrocketing costs for companies and customers alike. There are costs on the other side of the coin that result from routinely servicing equipment that is running perfectly with no issues in sight. Predictive maintenance drives operational efficiencies through early detection of equipment malfunction or breakdown. At Pivot, this enables us to service equipment only when necessary and deliver more secure, higher-yield production runs that meet strict compliance standards.

Digital Twinning

Digital twinning involves the creation of a virtual model (or “mirror”) of networked industrial machines that allows for remote monitoring, analysis, optimization, and control. The benefits of Pivot’s deployment of digital twinning are numerous and include:

  • Scalable production runs to meet fluctuating market demand
  • Optimized distribution that enables companies to flexibly shift production to locations proximate to product shipping destination
  • Dissolution of silos and integration of systems
  • Reduction of waste, redundancies, and sticking points
  • Real-time asset tracking
  • Smart warehousing
  • Enhanced risk management and reduction


Pivot is an industry leader in IoT and sensor technologies and our digitally twinned, high-speed P&P SMT lines represent an extensive investment in digital adoption. P&P SMT delivers fast, flexible, and flawless production that fuels cost savings, expedites time-to-market, and increases ROI. It provides applications across multiple product categories and is the premier electronics manufacturing solution for medical, industrial, commercial, and consumer markets.

Seeking a Leader in Digital Adoption to Help You Deliver a Successful Product?

If you’re gearing up to bring a successful product to market, Pivot brings the advanced expertise you’re looking for. With proven experience behind an internationally award-winning portfolio of innovations that span six markets, we’ll work closely with your team to make your product vision a winning reality. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you successfully scale, contact us today.