Being on time is crucial in just about any business situation, but when it comes to a product launch, it can be essential. Getting your product to market on time, tested, marketed and ready, makes the best possible first impression on your potential consumers, and it’s one of the most important moments in terms of public perception of your product.

And as you might have guessed, most of the work to ensure that that launch happens on time should have already taken place behind the scenes without many people in the marketplace knowing much, if anything, about it. Here are some of the things you can work on beforehand to make sure you get your product out into the world on time.

Create a generous timeline

As anxious as you might be to get what you’ve just created out into the marketplace, and as confident as you might be in your ability to do so, it might be a good idea to allow yourself more time than you think you need.

Unforeseen circumstances are called that for a reason, and there are bound to be things that pop up unexpectedly in something as multi-faceted as a product launch. Having some extra time built in to your schedule can come in handy.

Make sure your marketing strategy is flexible

Nothing makes a good product fizzle out more quickly in the marketplace than a poorly planned, poorly executed marketing plan. If no one knows your product is coming before it’s launched, that doesn’t bode well for a successful debut.

Make sure you’ve done as much marketing research as possible so that if need be, you can change that strategy on short notice. If you don’t think you’re getting the results you anticipated, be flexible about changing it rather than leaving it as is and hoping for the best.

Beta testing

How did your product test in the beta phase? Were there any last minute issues with what you’ve made? Were there any changes that sprung to mind after the product went through that more rigorous testing phase?

Any information that might help you make your product better is important, and it’s vital to get it as early as possible before you put your product out into the market.

Perhaps the best way to ensure that this testing happens on a timely basis is to be as involved as possible. There are responsibilities that can be delegated, but a smart entrepreneur keeps an eye on the beta testing phase.


The larger theme of communication is present in our discussions of marketing strategy and beta testing, but it’s worth focusing on more specifically throughout the entire product manufacturing process.

How in-contact have you been with your supply chain? How often have you communicated with your sales staff? How many progress reports have you given to your investors?

In other words, is everyone included in the process of manufacturing your product on the same page? Is everyone working towards the same goal? Teamwork is crucial when it comes to launching your product on time.

Research your competition

There are bound to be other companies working on products that are similar to yours. What do you know about what they’re doing? Have you done research on what innovations or changes or new wrinkles they might have added to what they’re making?

If you have to delay your product launch because you find out at the last minute that some vital change has been made to a product similar to yours, you’ll look unprepared and your competition will look far more cutting-edge. Don’t get caught up short by your competitors.

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