Time management is no easy feat, especially when you’re trying to design a product and have a successful product launch. It may seem like you have 567 things going on, all of which demand your immediate and simultaneous attention.

Time Management and Productivity Tips

To make things a bit easier, check out these four time management tips.

Make a list

It might sound old-fashioned, but a to-do list is a great idea and can most definitely help you with managing your time more effectively. The trick is to divide your tasks according to priority, labeling them “important and urgent,” “important but not urgent,” “not important but urgent,” or “not important and not urgent.” This not only helps you to clearly visualize what is a priority, but it also helps you discern which task you should complete first.

Set goals

Once you have a to-do list ready to go, set goals. Establish three things you want to accomplish each and every day. You may not complete every goal every single day, but that’s okay. The key is to keep the project moving forward.

Take a couple minutes of personal time after lunch

Lunch marks the halfway point of the workday. Once you have finished eating, it’s a wise idea to take a quick ten minutes to refocus your day. Evaluate what kind of progress you have made, and what you still have left to do. It can help to maximize the time you have available, and ensure that none of it gets wasted. “Get away from your computer, turn it off, go sit in a conference room and determine what you have on tap for the rest of the day,” explains Jame Reinhart, co-founder of thredUp.com and a time management and productivity expert. “You’ll find that these 15 minutes help you identify how you got derailed, what’s causing you distractions and help you to rediscover a rhythm to be productive all day long.” When we have a lot to do we are often tempted to skip breaks. But in the long run, that will actually just hurt your time management strategy. You need downtime in order to refocus and reprioritize.

Use technology to your advantage

There are lots of great apps out there that can help you effectively manage your time. From Internet blockers such as TimeOut that can be used to block distractions, to tools like Asana that can facilitate more effective teamwork, there are an infinite array of tools out there to help you use your time more effectively. Don’t hesitate to use them!

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