What’s the key to success during the product design process? Maintaining an excellent rhythm of productivity.

Product Design Process Productivity Apps

To ensure your productivity levels are at their peak, download these three great apps.


The product design process can be pretty overwhelming. After all, there can be no less than 50 different things to keep track of simultaneously from packaging to prototypes. If something gets lost in the shuffle, it can seriously set back the progress of your entire project. That’s where XMind comes into play. This innovative mind-mapping app allows you to brainstorm and implement your ideas more effectively, ensuring that you can clearly visualize your thought process. This makes it easier to develop plans and to-do lists. This app also boasts a range of innovative features, including search, spell checker, import and export, encryption, and file attachment, as well as a range of other features.

Dragon Dictation

What do you do when it’s pouring rain and you have an umbrella in one hand, a coffee in the other, and two whiny offspring trailing behind you and suddenly, out of nowhere, a brilliant product idea strikes you? Do you continue trekking through the rain in hopes that when you arrive home and have a chance to set everything down you can jot down your idea, risking that it might be lost by the time you arrive? Of course not. You use Dragon Dictation to record your idea.

This brilliant app uses voice recognition software to transcribe messages, notes, or reminders, enabling you to write down everything important without having to rely on your hands. You will never again miss an important meeting or forget a crucial piece of information because you were too busy to write it done. You will also be able to take notes much more rapidly — the average person can talk five times faster than he or she writes. We’re confident that Dragon Dictation is the golden key to productivity.


In order to ensure that both you and your team stays productive throughout the product development process, you need to be on top of project management, as it is likely you will have different teams working on different aspects of the design process. Binfire is just what you need. This handy app allows you to share calendars, task lists, documents, analytics, and collaborative tools. The security features are also top-notch, so it is excellent for secure or sensitive projects.

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