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The New Sales Ecosystem: How to Unlock the Potential of Your Partner Relationships

Posted: June 29, 2022 When it comes to partner relationships, company leaders tend to turn their attention to "sexier" topics (like how digital adoption can drive operational efficiencies, for example) or regard the subject as the province of traditional reseller relationships. This is a mistake. For centuries, sales partnerships have been the crux of commerce. And over the coming decade, the reinvention of these alliances will prove as indispensable to business growth as digital adoption. At Pivot International, we are a global one-source leader who believes that looking at partnership relationships through an ecological lens is critical to the success of companies' go-to-market strategies. Pivot's partnerships — internal and external — are central to its 50 years of experience in helping companies deliver successful innovations. With DFM expertise that spans fourteen industries, six markets, and three continents, our investment in partner ecosystems is as integral to our clients' success as our own.

Bringing Operational Efficiencies to Scale: Statistics and Top Trends in Digital Adoption

Posted: June 22, 2022 Industry 4.0 is no longer an aspiration but an unfolding reality across the manufacturing sector. Digital evolution — the industry-wide shift driving the adoption of state-of-the-art digital technologies — is rapidly underway. US manufacturers lag behind competitors in countries like Singapore and Germany in bringing smart manufacturing to scale. But spurred by massive investment in US-based manufacturing, more American production partners are beginning to catch up by implementing data-driven technologies.

How Connected Construction Solutions Optimize the Value Chain

Posted: June 8, 2022 The construction industry is booming. After taking a hit in the pandemic’s early stages in 2020, it’s now surpassed pre-pandemic GDP levels. Total construction spending reached record-high levels in mid-2021, contributing more than $20 billion quarterly to the economy. And although many firms are still struggling with workforce shortages leading to project delays, the construction outlook remains exceptionally strong. As the post-pandemic surge of building activity continues to climb, our teams at Pivot International are delivering connected (smart) construction solutions to help companies worldwide capitalize on this rapidly expanding market. Pivot’s diverse suite of digital technologies and extensive experience in IoT and sensors make us the go-to partner for smart construction solutions that optimize the value chain.

Beware the Costs of Confusing Technical and Adaptive Challenges

Posted: May 26, 2022 According to world-renowned leadership expert Ron Heifetz, the chief obstacle to successful innovation is companies' lack of clarity about the difference between technical and adaptive challenges. And when developing a new product, he says, knowing the difference from the earliest point in the process is essential.  

ESC and Brushless Motors: The Top Motion Control Solutions for High-Performance Products

Posted: May 18, 2022 In the area of ESC and brushless motors, our US-based subsidiary, Castle Creations, is an unrivaled market leader. Whether you have a current product that needs a "plug and play" solution or are looking for customized software and hardware engineering, Castle is a premier partner.  Castle began 25 years ago in the radio-controlled hobby sector. When they started engineering motors that were so compact and efficient that they exceeded the capabilities of most industrial offerings, they quickly established a reputation as a go-to for industrial and commercial applications. Today, Castle has become the leading aftermarket specialist in low-weight, high-power, configurable ESC solutions, DC brushless motors, customized firmware, and high-performance fuel systems.