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Think Smaller: How Regional Strategies Can Drive Global Growth

Posted: October 5, 2022 With so much cross-industry emphasis placed on the challenges of globalism, the role of regionalism in business strategy often receives scant attention. But even global companies — and those that aspire to become such — are well-served to examine the advantages of a regional approach to growth. Why? Because as past Toyota Vice Chairman Fujio Cho once explained, "We intend to continue moving forward with globalization…by further enhancing the localization and independence of our operations in each region." Cho's insight underscores the paradox that global or country-focused growth depends on robust regional strategies. It also highlights the extent and persistence of regionalization in economic activity and its vital role in a company's business model and broader strategy.

B2B Sales Strategy is Rapidly Headed in Dramatic New Directions

Posted: September 28, 2022 For well over a decade, companies have been discussing "aligning marketing and sales." This has made much sense, given the traditional lack of transparency, collaboration, and shared strategy between such teams. But the once helpful idea of "alignment" is quickly becoming irrelevant as B2B buying habits are rapidly heading in dramatic new directions. The new future of B2B sales will present companies with steep challenges and powerful new growth opportunities.

IoT Innovations Often Don’t Fly. Here’s How to Make Sure Yours Soars.

Posted: September 21, 2022 Many companies commence IoT product innovation with high hopes, only to end up with their expectations grounded. Just five years ago, Gartner opined that up to 80% of IoT innovations would squander broader market opportunities, and a survey by Cisco found that one-third of IoT projects ended in failure. Since then, the space has only become more crowded, reducing companies’ odds of success. So, what does it take to launch a profitable IoT product in a market that’s becoming more competitive by the minute? What do companies that succeed in the IoT space do differently? Let’s take a look.

Synergy: The Power of Integrative Solutions for High-Complexity Products

Posted: September 7, 2022 It wasn’t long ago that the default strategy for launching a new product involved vetting and engaging multiple firms to handle the various phases of the broader NPD process: design, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain. But today, more and more companies are taking advantage of the benefits of integrative solutions. What’s changed? Is it merely a matter of convenience? Is there an overarching principle that accounts for the advantages of uniting each phase of NPD under a single umbrella? Can working with a one-source partner result in a demonstrably superior outcome? Can it deliver a more secure, streamlined, seamless, and cost-effective approach to product development? In this piece, we’ll address each of these questions.

The Supply Chain Forecast May Be Sunnier Than Headlines Suggest

Posted: August 31, 2022 By May 2022, China-to-US-bound shipping prices had jumped from a pre-pandemic cost of $2,000 to $20,000 per container. By July, inflation had reached levels unseen in four decades. The chip crisis remained intractable, and port backups and bottlenecks continued. And for more than six months, there had been whispers among supply chain leaders that the dark clouds of inflation were gathering on an already stormy horizon. In short, the supply chain forecast was not sunny. But new signs suggest that things may be less grim than recent headlines would lead many companies to believe. And for those looking for a break in the clouds of more than two years of supply chain disruption, this is welcome news.
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