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How Companies can Mitigate Geopolitical Risk in a Volatile World

You might think geopolitical risk isn’t something your business has to worry about. But more now than ever, companies with stakes in global markets are realizing that geopolitical risk is not just a matter of state-sponsored actions (as with recent Chinese trade tensions). Geopolitical risk is now more a matter of the multiplicity of internationally interconnected and often uncontrollable events, actors, and forces (such as COVID-19) that impact markets and power-interests, both governmental and private.

Industry X.0: How Product Developers Can Combine Digital Technologies to Drive Growth

To make the most of Industry X.0, it’s not enough to merely mix and match digital technologies. Companies must also update their operating models and value chains to create a larger eco-system in which digital combinations can gain the greatest traction. That said, combining technologies is a worthy place to start on the road to building digital muscle. With this in mind, what digital combinations are proving to most powerfully drive cost savings and growth? We’ll focus on four in particular.

How to Ensure Design Drives Revenue in New Product Development

While it’s long been known that design is critical to product performance, companies are increasingly correlating design with bottom-line results. Organizations that have invested in top design talent and advanced design processes drive results that go beyond product performance and user experience (UX). These results can be traced directly to revenue and define design as one of the company’s chief competitive differentiators.

How do companies that have made design a key revenue-driver differ from their competitors, and how can your company leverage design to achieve your concrete business objectives? Here are six winning approaches.

3 Critical Perspectives for Increasing Supply Chain Security

As companies scramble amid the COVID-19 sourcing crisis, crucial information is often unavailable or siloed within global teams. This results in a reactive and uncoordinated response, exposing companies to excessive impact and underscoring the need for critical perspectives that cut through confusion and increase supply chain security.

Why is it that so many companies struggle to map their supply chains and adequately prepare for disruption, despite the consensus that this is essential? Here, we’ll take a look at barriers and offer critical perspectives for breaking through them.

Innovation in a Time of Crisis: Repurposing Production

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has produced system-wide disruption that is confronting businesses of all sizes with the most formidable challenges they have ever faced. But this disruption is also presenting businesses with powerful opportunities for innovation, and many are rising to the challenge by partnering with agile supply partners to repurpose their production lines. Whether it’s perfumers pivoting to hand sanitizer, electronics firms producing surgical face masks, automotive manufacturers supplying ventilators, or even restaurants that have entered the grocery business, companies are reinventing their supply chains to keep their businesses up and running.