Ballot Box Manufacturing

Ballot Box Manufacturing

This featured ballot box assembly was designed and manufactured by Pivot International to serve several functions: to act as a platform for operating a ballot scanner during elections, to store and secure voter ballots during elections, and to store and secure the scanner when the scanner is not in use.

Manufactured from high-density polyurethane (HDPE), the ballot box was manufactured using injection molding and features two components: a carrying case, which serves as the operating platform for the scanner, and a ballot bin. The carrying case detaches from the bin when the ballot box is not in use, and can be used as a water-repellant storage case for the scanner to make transportation easier. When assembled, the ballot bin and carrying case lock together with two key locks located on either side, which feature tamper-evident seals. The assembly features 4 handles total, with 2 sets of handles on 2 sides to allow for positioning and stacking.

Other features included a lockable door, metal hinges, foam padding, and two wheels to enable transportation. Storage space for the scanner power supply and cord was included in the design. The final assembly measured 24" x 26" x 30", weighed 15 pounds, and held approximately 1400 ballots. Because of the extraordinarily large size of the plastic injection molded components, we used a molding tool that weighed 70,000 pounds and was run on a 2,500-ton press. Locating gates, cooling lines, and cycle time, along with heat and building fixtures, were all critical in preventing the parts from warping. Numerous secondary operations we conducted to perfect the product. Our total tooling time was 12 weeks, then we delivered the ballot boxes for use in government elections.

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