Industrial products

  • Digital Power Meter

    Digital power meter

    The Digital Power Meter has been completely redesigned and is ideally suited for field techs and engineers who need to make power measurements anywhere.

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  • Digital turbocharger monitoring system

    Digital turbocharger monitoring system

    The natural gas transmission industry relies heavily on thousands of reciprocating engines for compression horsepower to keep gas flowing from one point to another.

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  • Touch screen voting machine

    Touch screen technology

    Recently, Pivot International designed and manufactured a tabletop continuous screen voting machine, intended to be used by the public when voting electronically.

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  • Ballot Box

    Ballot box

    This featured ballot box assembly was designed and manufactured by Pivot International to serve several functions.

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  • Ballot Reader

    Ballot reader

    Pivot International was provided a contract to manufacture a previously designed optical scan voting machine.

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  • Solar power

    Solar power

    The Portable Solar Panel is about the size of a standard size textbook with the ability to act as a solar battery and deliver enough power to charge a laptop, car battery, portable gaming console or even a cellular phone.

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