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The Benefits of Having an Experienced Mentor as Product Designer

There are many areas of life where having a mentor, someone wiser and more experienced than you to guide you through your decisions, can be immeasurably valuable. And the field of product development is no different.

After all, how better to proceed than to follow in the footsteps of someone who’s already experienced success doing what you’re attempting to do? It’s hard to imagine a better person to turn to to help you find that avenue to a product idea that takes the marketplace by storm.

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What Does It Really Mean To Accept Venture Capital?

If you’re in the position of having to decide whether or not to accept venture capital, then congratulations, you’ve already made it much farther than many start-ups. You almost certainly have some questions about what this will mean for the future of your company. But even if you’re not there yet, it pays to do a little research beforehand. With that in mind, we’ve brought together some of the major advantages and disadvantages of accepting venture capital. It’s a big step forward, so make sure you know what you’re getting into.

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Tips For Scaling Your Product Based Business

Most start-ups and new small businesses are defined by the desire for growth. There’s an inherent need for more customers, higher revenues, and consistent growth. The need to scale up is a given in most cases, but that doesn’t mean that there’s one right way to do it. Each business is different, and yours may have challenges that are unique to your situation.

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Marketing Your Product-Based Business: 3 Digital Marketing Don’ts

Laptop with digital marketing concept image on the screen for marketing product-based business

Talking about “digital marketing strategy” today is one of those funny redundancies that anyone building a product-based company today would do well to recognize and reflect on. 

So central has the digital landscape become to consumer experience that any marketing approach that lacks an explicit digital strategy - including a social media strategy - can scarcely compete in today’s digitally dominated age.

“Digital” itself is no longer a stand-alone “target” or one prong among many, but rather the primary means by which marketing strategy is executed.

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