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Small vs. Large Lot Sizes: How Scalable Manufacturing Gives You the Best of Both

Posted: June 30, 2021

While it's commonly understood that small and large lot sizes each have distinct advantages, how to get the best of both is not. The choice between small and large lot sizes is best approached from a both/and perspective. But for… More

3 Benefits of Choosing a Manufacturing Partner with Mirrored SMT Lines

Posted: March 14, 2023

Having a product in stock and readily available to purchase is vital in this fast-paced world. Consumers have grown accustomed to having the world at their fingertips and products being delivered to their door within hours of purchase. In order… More

Product Scalability Depends on Design for Manufacturing

Posted: March 2, 2023

As our world becomes more connected and technology advances at a rapid rate, businesses must focus on developing products that can meet the needs of company growth and consumer demand. This refers to the term scalability. In this article, we… More

Electronics Manufacturing in the Midwest: The Unexpected Path to Success

Posted: February 7, 2023

When you think of major centers for electronic manufacturing, Silicon Valley and Southeast Asia probably come to mind, which makes sense as so many tech companies are located in those regions. It's unlikely you'd consider the American Midwest to be… More

Is Domestic Manufacturing a Viable Alternative for Your Company?

Posted: February 17, 2022

Companies large and small are resorting to drastic measures to ease supply chain pressures. The largest enterprises are paying previously undreamed fees for private charter, mid-size companies are increasingly seeking to build private fleets, and businesses of all sizes are… More


Posted: December 23, 2019

Manufacturing Services Pivot International's manufacturing capabilities range from small and complex prototype runs to high-volume electrical manufacturing assemblies. Our international manufacturing services offer scalable solutions to meet your volume needs. Our production and manufacturing facilities are FDA registered and ISO:9001… More

Flexible Manufacturing and the Future of Apparel

Posted: August 23, 2018

When news broke in late 2017 that Amazon had been awarded a patent for a system that would enable it to manufacture custom-fitted clothing, industry insiders touted the new development as the future of both on-demand apparel and the flexible… More

The War in Ukraine, America’s Industrial Base, and the Future of Cyber Security — What Companies Need to Know

Posted: November 2, 2022

The war in Ukraine has sparked new debates about the cyber security of America's industrial base. Few people are more qualified to weigh in on the subject than Josh Steinman, Senior Cyber Policymaker under the Trump administration and now head… More

How to Cut Prototyping Costs and Leverage Builds With Users, Investors, and Decision-Makers

Posted: October 26, 2022

Contemporary best practices for NPD (new product development) include iterative prototyping, and no complex product makes it to market without multiple rounds of this activity. But many companies lack a conceptual framework for understanding the wider implications of the prototyping… More

Cyber Threats Have Reached DEFCON 1 for Many Manufacturers. Here’s Why and How They Can Protect Themselves

Posted: May 4, 2022

Manufacturers already had it tough. Less than two years ago, the State of Encrypted Attacks revealed the sector was more vulnerable to malicious browser breaches than any other industry and took 38.6% of cyber attacks. With the recent conflagration of… More

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