Though some entrepreneurs are often tempted to skip it, prototype development is a crucial component of the product development process. So, what can prototype development do for you? Check out our list:

Reduce the cost development and production

The earlier you detect a problem or flaw in the design of your product, the better. Typically, any product flaws will become much more visible after the development of a prototype. This means that any problems can be rectified before the first round of product manufacturing, instead of after (which can substantially drive up development and production costs). The bottom line is that a prototype enables you to test and refine the functionality of your product, which pays off in the long run.

Reduce the time required for development and production

It’s easier to produce a product from a tangible prototype than it is to produce one from abstract ideas and vague drawings. Because your product is much better defined with a prototype, it takes developers less time to produce.

Solicit feedback

A functional prototype ensures that you can easily solicit feedback from your target market. By seeing how consumers interact with your product, you can easily see how it performs. This is good for your product and your company, as it boosts overall user experience. For example, Nielsen found that the most dramatic increases in user experience came from collecting performance data as early on as possible in the development process.

Excite customers with a real, working model

It’s much easier to market your product when you have a working model to show consumers. Furthermore, it is also important to note that a prototype can give you a clearer idea of how customers will respond to your product. Keep in mind that you are bound to impress people at business meetings if you show up with a prototype in hand, whether you are meeting with a patent attorney or a potential distributor.

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