When you first start out, it might just be you and your product idea. But even if you already have an established business, and are looking to introduce a new product, there are a countless number of things you need to do to get your product from idea to reality. Bringing a product all the way from design to manufacture is not an easy process, and you may want to consider bringing in an outside firm to help you with the task.

But who do you hire? There are plenty of design firms out there that will help you take your idea and turn it into a viable design. There are marketing research businesses that can help you target the right consumer segment, and decide what features your product needs. And there are also any number of manufacturers that you can use to build your product and get it to market.

But does it really make sense to use several different companies’ services throughout the product development process? Think about it. When you order a sandwich at a diner, are there three cooks in back—one to get the bread out, another to put the meat and cheese on, and a third to add condiments? Of course not. It’s inefficient, and there could easily be conflicts when it comes to getting your sandwich made. Suppose the condiments cook is doing something else and isn’t ready. That slows down the whole process. And of course, that sandwich is going to be a lot more expensive with all the extra guys in the kitchen that have to be paid.

Now, product development is a little more complex than a sandwich, but you still need the process to be as efficient and productive as possible. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to hire a design firm, a marketing firm, and a manufacturer all separately. You don’t need three people working on your sandwich, and you don’t need multiple companies working on your product.

What you do need is a firm that can help with all the elements of product development that we just mentioned, from concept to manufacturing. That way, you don’t have to communicate with three or four different companies that all have their own timelines. You have one company that’s with you from start to finish, providing design services, product data management, manufacturing, supply chain management, and regulatory compliance. Everything is taken care of by one company. Your sandwich gets made by one person, and it gets to you quicker and with less cost.

And that’s exactly what we do at Pivot. We help businesses with their product through each stage of development. Our award winning product design and development services will help you to create the product you’ve dreamed of, and our global manufacturing services will make that dream a reality. So contact Pivot today if you’re ready to work with a single experienced company that can supply everything you need to get your product to market.