In the electronic manufacturing services industry, the only constant is change. Keeping up with the trends maximizes efficiency for your business and impresses your customers. With that in mind, here are four leading trends in the electronic manufacturing services (EMS) industry.

1. Embracing energy-efficiency

Manufacturers around the world are figuring out how they can reduce energy consumption. Not only are companies looking for new tactics to streamline the product development cycle, but also how to create more energy-efficient products. By considering the environmental impact of design, production, packaging, distribution, and so on, manufacturers are coming up with creative solutions to improve these processes. In terms of products, examples include heating and cooling systems programmed with smart technology as well as motion-activated lighting systems. In addition to protecting the environment, reducing energy consumption helps manufacturers cut back on expenses. Both companies and consumers are factoring the environment into their day-to-day decisions.

2. The rise of strategic partnerships

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are outsourcing product design and development to electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers at an increasing rate. As a result, OEMs can devote more time and energy to designing and selling new products, and cutting costs in the process. When original equipment manufacturers acquire more customers, they have to start producing at a larger scale. Outsourcing to electronics manufacturing services providers lends itself to such scalability. EMS providers also have access to a wide range of suppliers, as they typically work on a variety of products. This experience bestows EMS providers with a unique purchasing aptitude, immensely benefitting the OEMs.

3. Humans working alongside cobots

Instead of replacing human employees, robotic machines are supplementing labor in manufacturing facilities. These androids are designed to cooperate with humans, hence the term “cobotics.” Cobots are cost-effective, agile, and easy to program. With cobots at their disposal, humans are able to take on more complex and creative tasks, while the robotic machines can take care of the more mechanical jobs. We are now witnessing cobots increasing productivity and streamlining EMS systems every day.

4. Expedited delivery

Accelerated delivery is now the norm, for both consumers and manufacturers. In the past, same-day delivery once set companies apart. Now, such speed is expected from all organizations. The EMS industry is operating faster than ever, and companies that want to succeed must figure out how to keep pace with these new demands.

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