The Industrial Revolution brought with it new ways of manufacturing things that had never been done before which contributed to a much better quality of life. Today The Internet of Things (IoT) brings with it new ways of connecting things we’ve never seen before. The IoT is a network of various physical objects like cell phones, computers, and vehicles that are all connected through a network that allows them to communicate with each other. The IoT is what allows you to change the temperature in your house using your smart phone. Experts predict that by 2020, the IoT will consist of 30 billion objects.

The manufacturing industry hasn’t been unaffected by the IoT, which has impacted nearly all aspects of everyday life. Many experts argue that the manufacturing industry will be the most drastically changed by the IoT in years to come. New technologies enable manufacturers to have a deeper understanding of processes that simply wasn’t possible before the IoT. As computers and other devices become more sophisticated, production processes will become more efficient, allowing manufacturers to be more productive and more cost effective.

Efficient manufacturing processes are key when it comes to scaling your product based business. Here are three ways the IoT is transforming manufacturing.

Better Quality Control

When manufacturing on a large scale, product defects become a problem very quickly. The IoT has and will continue to provide tools that will allow manufacturers to anticipate quality control problems even before they arise. Tools like smart machines will alert you to problems with machines much earlier than a human could. There will also be devices to monitor worker performance so you know exactly what’s happening on the production floor.

Inventory Optimisation

Optimal inventory levels achieve a fine balance between not having the stock demanded by your customers and having too much stock taking up precious space. Manufacturers will be able to achieve complete integration between physical stock and technology allowing them to know exactly what their inventory levels are at any given moment. Better inventory management means improved control further along the supply chain as well.

Premium Customer Service

Mobile apps, wearable devices and sophisticated product monitoring all make it possible to respond to problems in a timely fashion. If you show up on a customer’s door step to fix a machine they bought from you before they even know it’s not working properly, they will be more than impressed. Product monitoring also helps the product last longer and the development of mobile apps means customers can provide feedback and request service at their convenience. As with any type of business, happy customers are key to growing a product based business.

The IoT is constantly evolving as technology advances and engineers discover new ways to connect things. One thing is certain, the IoT doesn’t work without things to connect. Pivot International offers many services to help with your production needs. Our manufacturing capabilities range from small, complex runs to high volume electrical manufacturing assemblies. Pivot International specializes in helping companies develop and manufacture new products. Contact us today to learn more about our manufacturing services.