In 2014, a study by the Nielsen group found that men spend an average of 29 hours per month using mobile apps, and women spend an average of 30 hours per month. Results from 2013 showed 32 percent of app usage is gaming, 8 percent is entertainment, and 8 percent is utility.

If you are interested in developing a new, useful or fun app for a mobile device, the numbers show you’re entering a reliable market. But, what are the right steps to developing, marketing, and maintaining a mobile app? Here are some basic ideas you can follow to plan out the launch of your mobile app!

1. Identify your passion

Every entrepreneurial venture should begin with a passion. If you are simply pursuing the business for the money, you will eventually burn out or fail to deliver a quality product. Following through with a good idea requires dedication and determination to see it succeed.

Larry Alton, on, writes, “Perseverance is the one thing that’s guaranteed to move anything over time, whether it’s a person, a job or an entire company.”

If you like what you are doing, it takes some of the edge off of all of the work that goes into turning an idea into a successful product. If you want to design a successful app, you need to have a real passion for the product you want to create.

2. Pay attention to what is trending

Check out the top-of lists in the app store across both the Apple and Android platforms to see what is trending in paid and free apps. You’re not looking at trends to see what kind of idea you should pursue, but to find out what specifics about these apps separate them from the bottom of the list. The number one and number two items on the list may be drastically different from each other, but they both most likely use techniques that attract and hold the attention of users. Pay attention to each app’s design, color scheme, mechanics, and marketing style.

3. Make a plan and take your first step

While you may not have all of the details figured out, it’s good to outline a plan for your idea. Writing down the steps needed to make your idea a reality makes it more tangible and easy to commit to starting. Once you have a clear plan and you’re committed to the idea, you need to take a step toward launching your app. Taking that first step may be risky, but successful entrepreneurs view taking risks as a step in the right direction.

In his article, “6 Traits of a Maverick That Make for Successful Entrepreneurs”, Brenton Hayden writes, “It’s about taking real risks, and achieving success — often in a way that is unique and unexpected.”

Being afraid to take risks can hold potential entrepreneurs back. Don’t let your idea fade out of existence because you held yourself back.

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