What were some of the highlights (and fails) of 2014?

Best and Worst Products of 2014

Take a look at the best and worst product ideas of 2014.

Best product ideas

Sonos. Sonos is the sound system of the future. These speakers can be controlled over an existing Wi-Fi network using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Not only are these speakers high-tech, but their sound is crystal clear.

Remington iCoffee RCB100-BC12. The Remington iCoffee is essentially a new reason to get out of bed in the morning. If you are a huge fan of a traditional french press, but aren’t into the entire, manual process, then the Remington iCoffee is ideal for you. The product is easy to use, automates the process, and minimizes the fuss, leaving you with a steaming hot cup of coffee without the hassle.

Sleep Number i8 Bed. If you’re stuck co-sleeping with a tosser and turner, then this is your ideal solution. The Sleep Number i8 Bed is an adjustable air mattress that offers amazing support and doesn’t transfer vibrations. While your partner tosses the night away, you can continue to dream peacefully.

Worst product ideas

Candy-flavored e-cigarettes. E-cigarette companies are increasingly gearing their products toward young children, and offer e-cigarettes with candy flavors and bright-colored packaging. With no regulations on e-cigarettes, there is virtually nothing keeping them out of the hands of kids, which could have catastrophic long-term implications. “The long term safety of e-cigarettes is still uncertain, the concentrated liquid nicotine is clearly harmful if you happen to be exposed to it, and I have serious doubts about whether it can ever really help people to stop smoking,” says Marvin M. Lipman, M.D., Consumer Reports chief medical adviser.

Cadillac’s CUE. Across the industry, car manufacturers are ditching practical knobs and buttons in favor of fancy touch-screens. As it turns out, however, more technology doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better user experience. According to Consumer Reports, 60 percent of drivers who purchased a vehicle equipped with the CUE experienced problems when learning how to use the device during the first week of ownership, and one-third of users continued to experience problems after the first week of ownership.

PureWash. The pureWash Eco Friendly Laundry System easily mounts to any laundry machine and promises get your clothes clean sans detergent, relying on a sophisticated system that injects ozone into the water to disinfect, deodorize, and sanitize. The company boasts that ozone kills germs 3,000 times more effectively than bleach, leaving your clothes sparkling clean. The problem? According to tests conducted by Consumer Reports, using pureWash is only slightly more effective than washing with water alone. While the product might guarantee a pure wash, it isn’t considered an ideal option for those who actually like to get their clothes clean.

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