There are many advantages to choosing a single-source product development firm. Some of the obvious ones include increased efficiency, lower costs, and increased accountability. But there are many other advantages such as ease of communication and vendor management as well as the ability to be more hands-off so you can spend your time focusing on other areas of your business.

A single-source product development firm will handle everything for your organization. This simplifies things a lot. You don’t need to worry about coordinating different stages or processes of product development because a single-source firm does it all. This frees up your employees for other important tasks in your business.

When working with a single-source product development firm, there’s no need to figure out how to assemble the ideal product development team. In addition to saving time and money with single-sourcing, your business will experience increased accountability because you only have to keep track of one firm. Working with one firm on your product development will also offer you the following benefits.

Ease of Communication

Time spent communicating with your product development team will be greatly reduced as a result of using a single-source product development firm. Instead of having to check in with multiple firms and relay messages back and forth, you will only need to make one phone call to check up on your project. This will allow you to feel like you can nurture the relationship you have with your product development firm. There’s no need to rush your phone call because you only have one to make.

Simplified Vendor Management

Vendor management will also be easier with a single-source product development firm. Instead of having to keep track of and pay multiple vendors for your product development, you will only have invoices coming from one source. This makes it much easier to schedule payments so you can stay current with your project bills. This way your project can continue without any delays due to missed payments.

Ability to be Hands-Off

Often one of the reasons businesses outsource their product development is because they don’t have the resources in house. By hiring a single-source firm there’s no need to coordinate all the different parts of your project. You can pass your project off to the experts and leave the rest up to them, if that’s what you want. Request more information is always an option if you decide later that’s what you prefer.

Pivot International is a single-source product development firm that can help you through the entire product development process. We have expanded over the last couple of years by acquiring companies like Avatar Engineering and WideBlue that fit with our offerings and values in order to provide businesses like yours with expert product development services all under the same roof, so to speak.

Our services include everything from product and market research to design and testing. If you’re ready to see what a single-source product development firm can do for you, contact us today for more info.