Kickstarter, the online crowdfunding site that’s helped launch wildly popular products like the Coolest Cooler and Solar Roadways, is a massive repository of new, innovative – and some not so innovative – products in development.

There’s nothing like a quick browse through the site to kick-start your own creativity. It’s inspiring to see some of the amazing ideas that product designers, inventors, and regular people who’ve never designed a product before, are coming up with.

If you’re feeling creatively stunted, here are 10 of the most popular tech products on Kickstarter right now.

The Sento Towel

You wouldn’t normally think of a towel as a piece of technology, but the Sento towel is changing that.

It’s a larger-than-typical Japanese-style bath towel that dries 3 times more quickly than your average towel, while also able to absorb 3 times its weight in water. Add in its anti-bacterial qualities that eliminate odors, and it’s easy to see why the Sento towel has shot to the top of Kickstarter’s “funded” list.

Line-us: the Little Robot Drawing Arm

Line-us is a tiny robotic arm that mimics your movement as you draw with a stylus or your finger on a screen. Equipped with a pen, the robot draws on paper whatever you draw on your tablet.

Line-us is cute and a little bit silly – while it doesn’t score high in the practicality scale, it definitely brings it home in terms of fun.

SELFLY Camera: the Smart, Flying, Phone Case Camera

Did you ever think you’d see a flying, autonomous phone case, let alone one that can take pictures?

That’s what SELFLY is: a little drone that can be unleashed to take photos from all angles and all positions. Perhaps one reason it’s so popular (it’s received almost double its original funding goal) is that it combines three iconic things from this particular cultural moment: smartphones, drones, and selfies.


The highly affordable NOLO virtual reality system allows users to do more in their VR games than simply look around passively. The NOLO features two hand-held motion trackers, allowing you to do everything from play golf, to draw, to cast spells and throw baseballs – anything you can do in a VR game.

The NOLO is compatible with mobile and Steam VR games.

Intelligent Security Camera Cover

The Intelligent Security webcam privacy cover is for those of us who cover our webcams with tape or a post-it – you know, whatever we may use to ensure that hackers don’t start broadcasting us to the world without our knowledge.

This cover is leagues above those makeshift fixes. It’s thinner than a credit card, incredibly easy to install and use, and can reveal or hide your camera lens in an instant.

Scollar Smart Collar

With all the fitness and health trackers that humans have these days, it stands to reason that our pets should have a tracker, too.

That’s what the Scollar is: a smart collar equipped with GPS tracking, training and feeding functionalities, night visibility, and medication reminders. You can even expand the Scollar’s functionality to communicate with pet doors and electric fences, to help with bark training, and to monitor your pet’s health.

EXYRA Eyewear for Digital Eyestrain

Computer glasses maybe be a bit helpful when it comes to reducing the eyestrain that comes from staring at a screen for hours each day, but they’re anything but stylish.

That’s why EXYRA created the EXYRA lens, a lens that offers anti-glare, anti-fatigue, UV protection, and blue light filtering in a single eyewear lens. The company is creating stylish, modern eyeglasses equipped with this lens designed to reduce symptoms of our digital lifestyle including eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision.

Kickstarter can be a great platform to launch your product, but there are certain guidelines you should follow. To learn more about funding your product idea, read our post “The Pros and Cons of Using Crowdfunding Platforms for Product Funding.”