At Pivot, we help product developers and inventors make better products because we love doing it. However, we have to admit that a little recognition is always nice.

This August, when Inc. magazine released its list of the top 5,000 fastest-growing privately held U.S. companies, we were proud to see our own names on the list. In fact, not only did we make the top 5,000 – we made the top 500. At number 478, we had the highest spot of the 42 Kansas City metropolitan area companies that made the Inc. 5000, as the Kansas City Business Journal reported. We’re also number 7 on the list’s top Engineering companies.

The rankings are based on three-year revenue growth, and ours has grown 798% – a number that sometimes takes even us by surprise. So how have we done it?

To start, we have a dedicated team of product designers, engineers, software developers, and project managers who come to work every day with the goal of helping our clients make successful products. Without these professionals, Pivot wouldn’t exist.

But assisting with product development isn’t all we do. Because we recognize the value of being a single-source product development, engineering, and manufacturing company, over the years we’ve made sure that we can handle every step of the product life cycle.

For one thing, we’ve developed and maintained partnerships with global manufacturers. As our world economy has grown more complex, and globalism has accelerated, we’ve found that our clients appreciate having an experienced partner like Pivot to manage their manufacturing needs. Our factories can handle everything from small prototype runs to large volume orders, and are certified to meet many different regulations.

And because things don’t suddenly get easy once you’ve placed your order with a manufacturing company, we help our clients with the things that come afterward, too. Business development, supply chain management, regulatory compliance, and business data management are all services that have become increasingly popular with our clients.

That’s what being a single-source firm is all about: providing our clients with great end-to-end service that helps them bring their products to fruition, get them into the market, and continue improving them as time goes on.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these topics, take a look through our e-book library.