Building on the successes of previous years in business, Pivot International has been identified as one of the 50 fastest growing companies by the prestigious Kansas City Business Journal.

Pivot voted #4 in the 50 fastest growing companies

Ranking in fourth place in the list of 50 companies local to the Kansas City area that have shown impressive growth over the last year, Pivot International’s impact on the product development and engineering innovation sectors has set it aside as a real force to be reckoned with.

The Fast 50 list is based on actual data rather than perceptions, and the business journal considers actual, measurable growth as a determining factor. Based on measured revenue growth compared year after year, the Fast 50 review is a dynamic review that tells us which companies to keep an eye on. This year, Pivot International has demonstrated an enormous leap in average percentage revenue growth of 110 percent from last year, which is sufficient enough to propel the company into an impressive fourth place in the list of 50 companies. With revenue rising to an incredible $11,950,00 in 2013 from $4,250,00 in 2012, Pivot International management team sees a very bright future ahead.

Focus on Diversity

As well as demonstrating the wealth of talent around the Kansas City area, the Fast 50 is proof of the diversity amongst businesses in the city. This year’s list has included companies from a number of different backgrounds and areas, including real estate, truck dealers, IT services, construction, and technology solutions. Pivot International is proud to be a part of this impressive line-up, and will strive to remain part of it in future listings. By building strong ties with our customer base, it is our intention to continue the firm and steady expansion that has seen the company grow so well this last year. Learn more about pivot International.

Pivot International is a product design, development, and manufacturing firm with extensive experience in the medtech industry. If you are interested in engineering a new product or updating an existing product, contact us at 1-877-206-5001 or request your free consultation today.