Pivot International acquires WideBlue, a full-service, multi-disciplinary product design and development firm based in Glasgow, Scotland. WideBlue specializes in highly technical products that include Optic Technology and other embedded electrical engineering disciplines. It has developed numerous medical products as well as a large array of camera imaging products.

WideBlue was formed as a division of Polaroid’s European Design Center over 20 years ago forming an industry-leading team of experts in imaging technology.

WideBlue is a global award-winning development and engineering firm that provides clients opportunities to design innovative, first-to-market integrated solutions supported with prototype development to manufacturing of short, test runs. Many products in the WideBlue portfolio are the first of their kind, based on novel technology or intellectual property as a result generating several patents. WideBlue’s strength is developing integrated systems that are commercially viable. With Pivot International’s global manufacturing, designing and engineering capabilities, WideBlue will now expand from small runs to full-scale manufacturing production capabilities and capacity.

Mark Dohnalek, CEO of Pivot International states “This acquisition further expands our European scale of operations and positions Pivot for substantial European growth as a result.”

The acquisition is Pivot’s fifth in the last 24 months continuing its substantial growth trajectory since 2012.

Mark Dohnalek, Pivot International President and Chief Executive Officer describes the company’s growth strategy as “an aggressive calibrated approach to organic and acquired competencies, expertise and assets to help customers meet market needs and global clients needs most effectively. “

Grant King BlueWide Co-Founder and Design and Development Director says “the integration of Pivot International capabilities with WideBlue’s multi-disciplinary technical team and of product, mechanical, electronic and software engineers, physicists and optical designers will enhance its capabilities to deliver innovative solutions from concept through commercialization of products in the consumer, commercial, medical and scientific industries while working with a range of clients from inventors to multinational organizations and collaborating with Universities and Research Organizations across the UK.”

WideBlue has designed a broad range of Class 1 and Class 2 medical devices that have achieved MHR and FDA certifications. The company holds many patents as a result of their innovation, expertise and knowledge. The company won many awards, including “Best Medical Design” in 2017 and “Best Product Design” in 2016. The firm won the 2017 European Product Design award in the “Designs for Society” and the Design for Life Science” categories.

Pivot’s compounded annual revenue growth in excess of 100% over the last 5 years demonstrates the company’s agility across a broad range of industries and product categories. This is the fifth acquisition for Pivot since the beginning of 2016. In January 2016, the company purchased Mid-Continent Custom Electronics (MCCE) followed by the acquisition of DigitTron in March 2016, Avatar Engineering in May 2017 and Electronic Design and Manufacturing (EDM) in September 2017.

Pivot International also continues to build its portfolio of brands, talent and resources adding staff in London, UK to support the European market, an office in Hong Kong to support the Asian market, expanding its US national sales force, as well as building company-owned manufacturing plants in the US and Asia. Pivot’s company-owned global resources provide a unique ability to engage the world’s top talent to develop and engineer product and the world’s most efficient and effective manufacturer for any product format.

Pivot has a 45-year track record of outstanding performance, innovation, quality and design, engineering and manufacturing as a single-source expert serving clients in a broad range of industries including biometric/security products, wearable technology, touchscreen technology, medical, wireless, fitness, electronic components, agriculture, building operations and consumer products.

Mark Dohnalek, President & CEO affirms, “I am committed to ensuring that Pivot has the global capabilities to manufacture in the US, UK and Asia so that we can deliver the most efficient solution for our clients all over the world.”